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These Beanie Boos cuddly plush toys have adorable oversize heads and gigantic, glittery eyes, which makes them desirable for both children and adults.

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Which Beanie Boos are best?

Beanie Boos are the Ty company’s most common and popular plush toys for this generation. These Beanie Boos cuddly plush toys have adorable oversize heads and gigantic, glittery eyes, which makes them desirable for both children and adults. That being said, there are many options of Beanie Boos to choose from, from mythical beasts to everyday animals. If you’re looking for a top Beanie Boo on the market for your child, the TY Beanie Boos Slush Dog is one of the best.

What to know before you buy a Beanie Boo

Consider the most popular creatures and animals

There is likely at least one Beanie Boo iteration of your favorite animal, if you look hard enough. There are holiday-themed creatures like skeletons and goblins, mythical beasts, pets, insects, dinosaurs, sea creatures, jungle animals and more. The mythical beasts category includes everything from fantasy creatures like unicorns and dragons to sparkle-horned animals. You can find unicorn Beanie Boo varieties for nearly any animal, including owls, giraffes and sloths.

Find the right size of Beanie Boo for you

It’s important to find the right size of Beanie Boo for you or your child. The smallest Beanie Boos are about 6 inches tall, while the medium Beanie Boos are more than twice that height at about 13 inches. There are also some taller Beanie Boos, but not all creatures and animals are available in every size.

What to look for in a quality Beanie Boo

Plush type

There are multiple kinds of plush Beanie Boos, depending on the style of the creature or animal. For example, some Beanie Boos have long-haired fluffy fuzz, while other Beanie Boos come with the signature soft, low-pile polyester plush that the Ty company is known for. There are also some Beanie Boos with a textured iridescent plush. This is most frequently featured on fish, amphibians, reptiles and dinosaurs.

Hang tags

Hang tags were a huge defining feature of the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990s, and the Ty company continued the hang tag tradition with Beanie Boos. The inside of each hang tag features the name and birthday of the Beanie Boo, as well as a short poem. The front of the hang tag includes the Beanie Boo and Ty logos, and the back of the hang tag comes with the SKU code and the manufacturing information.

Other Beanie Boo varieties

There are some other kinds of Beanie Boos, in addition to the traditional 13-inch and 6-inch varieties. These varieties include the Clip Beanie Boos, which come with plastic carabiner clips and are about 3 inches tall. 

There is also a line of Flippable Beanie Boos, which includes creatures and animals that are covered with sequins. When brushed over, these sequin toys transition between two different shiny colors.

How much you can expect to spend on a Beanie Boo

Beanie Boo toys can vary in price, depending on their size. For example, medium Beanie Boos tend to cost about $12-$18, while smaller Beanie Boos range in price from about $7-$10.

Beanie Boo FAQ

How do you clean your Beanie Boos?

A. You can spot-clean the plush on your Beanie Boos with a diluted combination of white vinegar and water. Make sure to use a gentle and non-bleaching laundry detergent if you need to use any soap. You should also bear in mind that you should not place your Beanie Boo toys in a washing machine, so it’s best to buy a replacement if your Beanie Boos get very dirty.

Will Beanie Boos be worth a lot of money some day?

A. It can be very difficult to predict collectible trends. Some of the 1990s Beanie Babies, for example, are worth a ton of money, while other 1990s Beanie Babies are only worth a few dollars each.

There are specific retired Beanie Boo toys that collectors want and are willing to pay some money for. You might make a small profit if you do your research and are willing to sell your Beanie Boos.

What are the most popular types of Beanie Boos?

A. The Flippable Beanie Boos are currently the top selling type of Beanie Boos. There are trending animals like narwhals, sloths and llamas that are very popular as well. That being said, it can be more difficult to find these animals and the Flippable Beanie Boos than other types of Beanie Boos, since they are so popular.

What’s the best Beanie Boo to buy?

Top Beanie Boo

TY Beanie Boos Slush Dog

TY Beanie Boos Slush Dog

What you need to know: This super soft slush dog toy from TY Beanie Boos is considered the best of the best.

What you’ll love: This amazing TY Beanie Boos slush dog plush toy features sparkly eyes, a silky soft texture and exterior polyester fibers. The plush toy also offers an incredible quality and comfort level.

What you should consider: Many customers were surprised by the small size of this plush slush dog toy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Beanie Boo for the money

TY Beanie Boos Beaks the Colorful Toucan Plush

TY Beanie Boos Beaks the Colorful Toucan Plush

What you need to know: This adorable Beanie Boo Beaks the Colorful Toucan plush toy will give you lots of bang for your buck. 

What you’ll love: This cute and affordable Beanie Boo plush toucan toy is the perfect budget-friendly option for your child. The plush toucan toy is about 7 inches by 5 inches by 3.4 inches in size.

What you should consider: Some customers say that this Beanie Boo came squished in the package.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

TY Beanie Boos Cinder the Green Dragon Plush

TY Beanie Boos Cinder the Green Dragon Plush

What you need to know: This whimsical dragon plush toy from TY Beanie Boos is an excellent option for both fun-loving adults and creative kids.

What you’ll love: This incredible Beanie Boos plush dragon toy features sparkly purple eyes, shiny wings and a colorful body. The dragon toy also comes with a fun and gender-neutral design, which makes it the perfect choice for imaginative kids of all genders.

What you should consider: Keep in mind that this dragon plush toy is slightly darker than shown online.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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