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A toy katana, like other toy swords, is mainly a tool for boosting the imagination. Users should choose whatever design they like.

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Which toy katanas are best?

A toy katana sword is a good accessory for samurai or ninja costumes, but there are many options to consider. Toy katanas intended for kids and adults will vary in materials, scale, and visual design.

If you are looking for a toy katana with sheath, the Sparkfoam 39” Foam Samurai Sword with Wood Scabbard is the top choice. It has an authentic appearance and size while being completely safe for play.

What to know before you buy a toy katana

Are you serious about martial arts?

Toy swords are fun to play with, but they are not really intended for serious martial artists. If you are looking for a realistic replica katana for martial arts practicing purposes, remember that there is other equipment you may want. If you find a dojo, you will likely need an appropriate uniform for your school and safe footwear for indoor and outdoor use, depending on where you plan to practice. 

Is the katana for cosplay?

If you are looking for a toy or replica katana for cosplay, you may want to search online for the specific character and do some research on the exact type of weapon they use, if a replica for that cosplay does not already exist. Check out the size and specifications of a katana for cosplay purposes

What material do you want?

Toy katanas and replica swords can be made from wood, plastic, foam, polypropylene, and more. Depending on your purposes, different materials may be necessary for the look or safety of the toy. If you plan to engage in mock sword fights, the toy katana should probably be made from plastic and/or foam to prevent any actual harm. Swords made of wood and other hard materials may not be sharp enough to cut, but if you swing them hard enough, they could still be a dangerous bludgeoning tool unsuitable for young children. 

What to look for in a quality toy katana


Depending on the type of katana you like best, the ideal curve shape will differ. Modern katanas have the iconic curve starting closer to the tip. The curve of a katana changed over time, so if you find a toy katana with a curve in the middle, it is not that the replica sword is inaccurate, but it may not be the exact curve you are expecting. Find a toy katana that aligns with the period or era of katana development that suits you. The modern katana’s balance point is different from older katanas, but depending on how a toy or replica is manufactured, it may not have realistic weight distribution at all.


Katana sizes have changed over the years, but modern katanas are usually around 40 inches. Getting a toy katana with a sheath made to match is usually going to be the best option for having a sword and scabbard of matching scale. Also, consider the size of the user. Small children may find it difficult to play with a sword that is as long as a real katana. Depending on the size of the user, find a toy katana built at an appropriate scale.


The materials used affect the safety of the toy, but the design is also important. The best toy katanas are incapable of cutting and light enough that they are not dangerous to swing around. If the toy katana sword would be used for LARP or mock sword fighting, ensure that it is safe to take a hit from and never aim for areas like the head or neck. As long as the sword itself is relatively harmless and you wield it carefully, it should be fine to play fight others using similar replica weapons.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy katana

Toy katanas for children or simple costume props can be found for under $30. Replica swords using higher-quality materials are usually going to be more expensive.

Toy katana FAQ

Can you use a toy katana for martial arts practice?

A. A toy katana made of plastic is generally not going to be suitable for getting a feel for the real thing. If you are interested in serious martial arts education, consider finding a wooden bokken or practice sword made of other materials. The best way to get started with learning to use a realistic katana correctly is to find a local dojo or online resources for practicing Iaido, kendo, or other sword-fighting martial arts.

What are common problems with toy katanas?

A. Some of the main issues with toy katana manufacturing can potentially be remedied if you have some time for a DIY project. Toy swords with handles that are separate from the rest of the piece need the handle to be secured properly. Watch out for foam swords with a core that does not reach from the base of the handle all the way to the tip. A core that ends at the top of the handle will compromise the durability of the replica. There is nothing wrong with using a fragile toy katana for cosplay, but if you want to swing it around or have mock sword fights, the structural design of a replica is crucial.

What are the best toy katanas to buy?

Top toy katana

Sparkfoam 39” Foam Samurai Sword with Wood Scabbard

Sparkfoam 39” Foam Samurai Sword with Wood Scabbard

What you need to know: This realistic and stylish foam sword with a wooden scabbard provides the iconic look of a katana with none of the metal.

What you’ll love: The blade of the sword is made from high-density foam with a core made of hard plastic that increases the overall durability. It can be used for cosplay, LARP, display, or just for fun. The sword is a realistic size and about the same as modern katanas. The scabbard is real wood, adding to the authentic appearance.

What you should consider: The blade is not extremely strong, so if you plan on using it for LARP or mock sword fights, it may be difficult to hold up against strikes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy katana for the money

Sparkfoam 39” Foam Samurai Sword with Plastic Scabbard

Sparkfoam 39” Foam Samurai Sword with Plastic Scabbard

What you need to know: These affordable foam katanas with plastic scabbards come in multiple styles to suit various appearances.

What you’ll love: The katana is a realistic length, similar to real modern swords of this type. The foam is high-density and flexible with a wrapped fiberglass core for stability. The blade has a particularly shiny metal finish effect. There are seven different colors and styles available. 

What you should consider: Some customers have reported receiving missing or damaged parts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ICNBUYS Katana Samurai Sword for Kids

ICNBUYS Katana Samurai Sword for Kids

What you need to know: This wooden toy katana with sheath at a smaller scale makes a fun and durable gift for kids.

What you’ll love: The toy is only around 29” inches in length, making it easier for a child to wield. The wood is lightweight with an overall design inspired by traditional katanas. It has cloth added to the handle for easier grip and painted details on the scabbard.

What you should consider: Some users have found that it cannot hold up to rough handling or reported receiving damaged copies of the item.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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