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Halo was originally supposed to be for the Apple Macintosh as a real-time strategy game called Monkey Nuts and Blam! It wasn’t until Microsoft acquired Bungie that the name was changed to Halo and it was released on the Xbox game console.

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Best action figures from Halo

The Halo universe has captured the minds of audiences not only in its award-winning game series but also in popular media, films, tv shows, novels and toys. The series’ memorable story, engrossing online component and military science fiction style has become iconic in video game culture and beyond. For fans and collectors, several Halo action figures boast immaculate detail, too.

If you’re looking for a Halo action figure, the best is the Halo 4” “World of Halo” Deluxe Vehicle and Figure Pack – Warthog with Master Chief. This action figure features the most iconic aspects of Halo, the Master Chief himself with a Warthog vehicle. 

What to know before you buy a Halo action figure

Different manufacturers

Ever wonder why some lines of action figures look different from others? Although all official toys are licensed by Bungie/343 Industries, they usually select different toymakers for each line. That’s why you may see a very cartoonish Funko Pop! Master Chief but a more detailed McFarlane action figure. 

Supply, demand and collectability

Although action figures are often accessible and come at a low price, there are certain exceptions. Factors, such as rarity, size, packaging, condition and age, can all drastically drive up the value of an action figure. For example, a 2008 Halo 3 action figure by McFarlane originally retailed for less than $30, but, because it is rare, one in brand new condition is now worth over $100. 

The many characters in the world of Halo

At first glance it may seem like every Halo action figure is just Master Chief in different armor, but there are several super-soldiers called Spartans. Each character has a slightly modified version of the armor, such as helmets with decals or chest plates with lights. Master Chief, the protagonist for most Halo games, wears a military green set of armor with a golden yellow visor. 

What to look for in a quality Halo action figure


Look for detail in the Spartan armor. Even the more cartoonish renditions of the soldiers will have tiny notable elements, such as decals, scratches and bolts. Typically the armor has a lot of defining lights to give it a military feel. Most figures will also have an accurate scale.


Most Halo action figures have multiple points of articulation, which allows you to pose them however you want. Although this isn’t necessary (some figures are completely static, and it doesn’t take away from their quality), having the option to pose them with different vehicles or against various backdrops puts the “action” in “action figure.”

Weapons, accessories and vehicles

Halo has a full arsenal of iconic weapons and vehicles, such as the Battle Rifle and the Warthog. Look for action figures that offer some additional goodies, including sidearms or equipment. These will help bring the fantasy to life. 

Digital content

In some action figures, you can find additional codes and sleeves. These may help you unlock in-game content for the Halo video games. Make sure they aren’t used or expired beforehand.

How much you can expect to spend on a Halo action figure

Cheap Halo action figures are around $10 and have limited mobility and features. The more expensive figures retail up to $50 and have greater points of articulation and detail.

Halo action figure FAQ

Why are there so many different kinds of Halo figures?

A. Different Halo figures are either made by various manufacturers or are supposed to resemble a range of Spartan soldiers. The original Spartan soldier is Master Chief, and he has signature green armor with a gold visor. Other Spartan soldiers have different modifications, such as jetpacks.

Why is it called Halo?

A. Halo refers to the ring-like megastructure the video games are set in. Halo or Halo Arrays were developed by an alien race to be used as a superweapon. 

What’s the best Halo action figure to buy?

Top Halo action figure

Halo 4” “World of Halo” Deluxe Vehicle and Figure Pack – Warthog with Master Chief

Halo 4” “World of Halo” Deluxe Vehicle and Figure Pack – Warthog with Master Chief

What you need to know: If you can only buy one action figure from the Halo world, let it be this one, as it features the iconic Master Chief with his Warthog vehicle.

What you’ll love: There is a jaw-dropping level of detail and care put into these figures for the low price point.

What you should consider: Unfortunately, besides the mounted machine gun on the Warthog, it does not come with a rifle for Master Chief to wield. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Halo action figure for the money

HALO The Spartan Collection Spartan Mark V (B) with Accessories

HALO The Spartan Collection: Spartan Mark V (B) with Accessories 

What you need to know: This action figure features a Spartan Mk. V figure with two weapons and interchangeable hands.

What you’ll love: It comes with one code to unlock in-game content for the upcoming Halo Infinite game.

What you should consider: Some customers report that the hand figure is fragile.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

McFarlane Halo 5Guardians Series 1 Spartan Fred Action Figure

McFarlane Halo 5: Guardians Series 1 Spartan Fred Action Figure 

What you need to know: This action figure line features more points of articulation and detail than others.

What you’ll love: This figure and the weapons boast an in-game level of detail, right down to the molding and paint job. 

What you should consider: Customers reported that the weapon does not fit snugly into the figure’s hand, so there may be some DIY work needed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 


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