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Depending on what you’re looking for, tape dispensers come in a variety of configurations, though a simple, cheap tape dispenser usually gets the job done for most.

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Which tape dispensers are best?

If you’re looking to buy a tape dispenser, chances are you go through a lot of time and you don’t want to waste time losing it to a subpar dispenser. As products, tape dispensers are about as simple as they come, though some offer extra benefits like added safety, multiple roll loading or aesthetic features that make buyers proud to put them on their desk. The Excell ET-227 Tape Dispenser offers sturdy, balanced tape dispensing and an easy-loading mechanism that buyers appreciate.

What to know before you buy a tape dispenser

How you’ll use your tape dispenser

Ultimately, the best tape dispensers are the ones that will help the buyer get the most out of them. For that reason, it’s important to think about how you’ll plan to use your tape dispenser before making your choice. For instance, if you work as a teacher, you may need a different tape dispenser than those working in a warehouse or other more industrial setting.

Tape types

Different tape dispensers accommodate different tape types, which is another reason it’s good to figure out what you want before buying anything. While most office and desktop tape dispensers feature the ability to accommodate 2-inch tape, others are designed to work with larger tape types like packaging tape or heavy-duty duct tape.

Single roll vs. dual roll

Many tape dispensers will simply house a single roll of tape, though you can also find some that allow the users to keep two different tape types in use side by side or others that feature storage for when a given roll runs out.

What to look for in a quality tape dispenser


Like with any purchase, the most sustainable option is the one that lasts the longest. Finding the best tape dispensers also means finding those that can stand the test of time. A durable tape dispenser should be able to put up with the wear and tear expected from normal use, so you won’t have to buy a new one in a few months.


Some tape dispensers offer extra safety options, such as those with a blade cover that can be put on when the dispenser isn’t in use. These can be particularly helpful for those with children around, like teachers, parents and others that may keep their tape dispensers out on a desktop.

An appealing design

In the modern age, you can also find a wide range of tape dispensers that feature specific colors, shapes or designs, which can be a fun way to brighten up your day as you work. Tape dispensers that are well designed are particularly fun for those looking for desktop tape dispensers, or anyone that appreciates a given image, visual or aesthetic.

How much you can expect to spend on a tape dispenser

Tape dispensers span a fairly wide range of prices, though they’re all fairly affordable for the average buyer. While cheap tape dispensers can be found as low as $7, other models may cost between $15-$30, with some specialty options ranging even higher.

Tape dispenser FAQ

Is loading a tape dispenser easy?

A. While the answer can certainly vary from product to product, most tape dispensers are fairly easy to load. In general, there is some kind of loading mechanism in place on each tape dispenser to let users easily put new rolls of tape on.

Can you recycle tape dispensers?

A. When it comes to the product tape dispensers, as well as the disposable ones that come with some rolls of tape, most of them are unlikely to be recyclable. Still, it’s worth checking in with your region or nearby recycling plants about their specific practices and abilities.

What’s the best tape dispenser to buy?

Top tape dispenser

Excell ET-227 Desktop Tape Dispenser

Excell ET-227 Desktop Tape Dispenser

What you need to know: For those in need of a portable desktop heavy-duty tape dispenser, this premium model from Excell is easy to use and can wield two rolls of tape at once.

What you’ll love: On top of coming at a reasonable price, this tape dispenser is super durable, and has a sturdy, rubber base. This unit works with two rolls at once and also features a safety guard that goes over the dispenser’s blade.

What you should consider: While it gets the job done well, many buyers decided to purchase cheaper tape dispenser models or ones that were more aesthetically pleasing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tape dispenser for the money

NPW Gold Edition Unicorn Tape Dispenser 

NPW Gold Edition Unicorn Tape Dispenser 

What you need to know: This tape dispenser is great for both the budget-conscious buyer and the unicorn lover, offering a beautiful gold unicorn design and easy-to-load tape dispensing with a free roll of rainbow tape.

What you’ll love: This tape is super affordable, and features a beautiful unicorn design that fans of fantasy, children, teachers or others will love. Beyond just the gold edition, buyers can purchase rainbow or rose gold editions, or they can simply buy the rolls of tape separately.

What you should consider: Some buyers wanted something more sturdy than this model, and something they thought might last a little longer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Scotch H180 Industrial Heavy-Duty Packing Tape Dispenser 

Scotch H180 Industrial Heavy-Duty Packing Tape Dispenser 

What you need to know: If you’re looking for a tape dispenser for packing tape, or an otherwise more heavy-duty tape model, this simple, yet robust unit from Scotch

What you’ll love: This tape dispenser will hold up for years to come and it’s also decently priced. Great for warehouses, moving or other heavy-duty taping needs, this model is also super portable and can accommodate 60-yard tape rolls one at a time.

What you should consider: This particular model is suitable for wider tape rolls than the average desktop tape dispenser, so it isn’t a good fit if you aren’t looking to work with packing tape.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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