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Which box for moving is best?

Moving can be a strenuous process, but with the right size and style of box, it can go quickly. A moving box holds items of different sizes and weights and helps the user keep things clean and organized when packing up a space. Before purchasing boxes for moving, consider how many boxes come in a pack, the size of the boxes and what you plan to pack in them.

If you are looking for a sturdy set of moving boxes that come with handles for convenient transportation of items, the CHEAP! CHEAP! MOVING BOXES Large Moving Boxes With Handles is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a box for moving 


If you know you have multiple items to move, buy boxes in bulk. The number of boxes that come with the purchase is listed in the product description or the title of the product. The number of items that come in a set is determined by the size of the boxes.


If you plan to move items of various sizes consider purchasing boxes of different sizes. Boxes are available on a standard and heavy-duty scale or small, medium and large.


What you plan to store in the boxes determines the style of boxes you buy. For example, if you plan to store fragile items, purchase a corrugated box with extra padding or separation for items on the interior. For heavier boxes, there are options with handles. If you plan to pack clothes, there are even boxes that come with a metal rack installed so you can hang your clothes in the box. Whether you plan to hire a moving service or move the boxes yourself, these added accessories determine how the boxes will be used.

What to look for in a quality box for moving


Quality moving boxes have handles. Some handles are styled as flaps and pull up on the sides of the box to help users transport items. Other handles are basically holes punched into the sides of the box that allow users control during transportation. Boxes with handles give you a better grip when carrying heavy, fragile items.


The easier the box is to fold down, the more compact and convenient it is to store. When you are done using the boxes, you will likely want to store them for the next time you need to move bulk items around. 


Boxes that come with inserts will be designed to store and transport specific items. A box that is made with a metal insert for hanging items will be ideal for those looking to transport clothing from one place to another. If you are transporting documents, there will often be divider inserts that come with the box to allow you to separate and organize the items.

How much you can expect to spend on a box for moving

The best boxes for moving cost $2-$70 depending on how many boxes are in the set and the accessories they feature. Boxes that come in greater quantities, larger sizes and feature handles are priced higher. 

Box for moving FAQ

Is it better to get boxes that are all the same size or different sizes when moving? 

A. It is best to purchase boxes of different sizes so you can pack different types of items at the same time. Smaller items require smaller boxes and are more organized when placed in their boxes rather than in a box with larger items. Separating these items with different-sized boxes allows users to pack items of all sizes in one trip.

What are the benefits of corrugated cardboard? 

A. Corrugated cardboard and regular cardboard are made from similar material, but corrugated options are more durable. Corrugated boxes feature three layers of various textured materials that make the item more sturdy.

What’s the best box for moving to buy?

Top box for moving

CHEAP! CHEAP! MOVING BOXES Large Moving Boxes With Handles 

CHEAP! CHEAP! MOVING BOXES Large Moving Boxes With Handles 

What you need to know:  These moving boxes are available in various sizes and come in a pack of 12 boxes. They feature handle holes and are lightweight.

What you’ll love: These boxes can hold up to 65 pounds and are made with corrugated cardboard for extra durability. They are easily foldable. Users can pack several household items of large and small statures into the boxes.

What you should consider: Users should not exceed the weight limit and risk the box breaking under pressure. The large and medium boxes are very similar in size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top box for moving for the money

The Home Depot Medium Moving Box With Handles 

The Home Depot Medium Moving Box With Handles 

What you need to know: These boxes come in various sizes and weights, individually or in packs of multiple boxes.

What you’ll love: These boxes are made with eco-friendly recycled materials and can hold up to 64 pounds at a time. The boxes themselves are lightweight and have undergone the ECT crash test. Boxes that are not used during the moving process can be returned for your money back. These boxes have handles.

What you should consider: Users should purchase heavy-duty style boxes for shipping purposes. Some tapes do not stick well to the boxes.

Where to buy: Sold by The Home Depot

Worth checking out

UBOXES Wardrobe Moving Boxes 

UBOXES Wardrobe Moving Boxes 

What you need to know: These moving boxes are good for packing clothes, as inside the box is a metal bar that allows you to hang clothing without creating a mess.

What you’ll love: These items are large and spacious and prevent clothes from wrinkling or gathering dust. They are corrugated for durability and are easily foldable. The brand also sells these boxes without the metal bar.

What you should consider: These boxes are heavier than regular boxes and the wardrobe boxes are only available in one size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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