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Thank-you notes allow you to connect with those who are considering returning as a customer to support your brand.

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Which business thank-you card is best?

Sending thank-you cards to those who support your business is a good way to keep clients returning and let those contributing to your success know how much they mean to your development. Business thank-you cards are typically inexpensive and are a great investment for small and large businesses alike looking to impress clients and send personalized messages to retain a good rapport. Before purchasing a business thank-you card, consider the message you plan to write if the card itself is able to be customized. 

If you are looking for quality printed business thank-you cards that provide space for a personalized message and come with their own matching envelopes, the RUN2PRINT Thank You Cards With Envelopes and Foil Stickers are your top choice.

What to know before you buy a business thank-you card


Thank-you cards can come with prewritten messages or be designed with space for those who purchase them to write on. Before purchasing thank-you cards for your business, consider what message you would like to leave your clients or employees. If you would like to leave a longer message, consider business cards that are folded and expanded. On the other hand, consider a prewritten option if you would like the message to be short and generic to all. 


Before purchasing a business thank-you card, consider one that allows you to customize it. An item that features a blank side will allow you to write your own words rather than accepting a prewritten message to distribute. Some items allow for customization pertaining to your company design and will also allow you to add your company’s logo before they are printed. 


Business thank-you cards come in various designs but ultimately need to match the aesthetic of your business. For example, if you are a freelance CPA, you may not want to buy holographic rainbow-colored cards if it does not pertain to the work that you do. Rainbow or colorful cards would do better at signifying a daycare center or a toy shop. A business thank-you card should represent your business in color and design and should be symbolic of your brand. 

What to look for in a quality business thank -you card 


Some business thank -you cards are made with craft paper and others with thick stock paper. Cards made with craft paper will be less durable, whereas cards made with sturdy stock paper will hold up longer and will be safer when transporting. The thicker and smoother the paper, the easier it will be to write on. Paper or envelopes that are not thick have a greater chance of ink bleeding through the item. 


A quality business thank-you card will come with various matching envelopes. Cards that come with their own envelopes will make the delivery look more professional and provide an added layer of protection when sending the card through the mail. The envelopes should be made with durable material and should easily fit the card inside. 


Seal stickers work to securely close the business thank-you card into an envelope. These items are often sold separately when purchasing business thank-you cards. The stickers you purchase to close the envelopes with the cards inside should match both the envelope and card you are using. 

How much you can expect to spend on a business thank-you card 

The best business thank-you cards will be priced anywhere from $8-$20, depending on the number of cards contained in the pack and whether they come with envelopes and stickers and the materials they are made from. 

Business thank-you card FAQ

Does a business thank-you card need to have the business logo on it? 

A. The business thank-you card does not need to feature a business logo, but the customization can help draw more attention to your business. Larger companies will typically print thank-you cards with their logo, and smaller businesses that are trying to get on their feet will purchase generic cards and add their own special message. 

How big are business thank-you cards? 

A. The average size of a thank-you card is around 5 by 4 inches. Business cards that allow for added personalization often fold open to be of larger dimension. If you require more space for a message on your thank-you card, consider a larger size. The dimensions will be listed on the website next to the photo of the product you plan to purchase. 

What’s the best business thank-you card to buy?

Top business thank-you card

RUN2PRINT Thank You Cards With Envelopes and Foil Stickers

RUN2PRINT Thank You Cards With Envelopes and Foil Stickers

What you need to know: These thank-you cards come in a pack of 36 and include envelopes. They come in three different color sets, and the envelopes are available in matching colors. 

What you’ll love: These cards provide space above the gold embellished thank you message to write their personalized message. They are made with thick, durable textured paper and come with matching seal stickers so that users do not have to tape or lick the envelope for a secure close. Also, the minimalist design can be used for various events, both formal and personal. 

What you should consider: Some ink pens will bleed through this card, and the rough, sturdy texture can be hard for some users to write on. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top business thank-you card for the money

FZR Legend Store Small Business Thank You Cards

FZR Legend Store Small Business Thank You Cards

What you need to know: These cards are available in different designs and colors and are made with high-quality material that is not easily damaged when transported. 

What you’ll love: These cards are waterproof and can be used for various occasions. They are made to thank those who show support for small businesses and allow users a decent space to leave their personalized message on the back of the card. 

What you should consider: There is no customization present for the front of the card, and these cards do not come with envelopes. As a result, they are less professional looking and more focused on creativity. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

American Greetings Thank You Cards

American Greetings Thank You Cards 

What you need to know: These thank-you cards come in a pack of 50 and feature their own brown envelopes. Matching stickers are available for purchase, and the envelopes are folding, allowing users more space to write. 

What you’ll love: This business thank-you card can be used for formal and personal occasions. These cards are made with customizable craft paper and are easy to write on, while the outside features a classic, professional design. 

What you should consider: The stickers for this item are sold separately, and the envelopes feature a waxy consistency. Some users have complained about the material being too flimsy to write on.

Where to buy: Amazon


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