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Never put your full weight on an under desk footrest. They are not designed for standing and will most likely break.

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Which under desk footrests are best?

Sitting behind a desk all day can really throw off your body. There are many possible causes for the aches and pains you may experience over the course of a work day, but often the culprit is something you’d never expect: the position of your feet.

A properly positioned under desk footrest can do wonders for your overall comfort and productivity. Our top pick, the ComfiLife Ergonomic Memory Foam Foot Rest, features a plush design that relieves stress and improves circulation. 

What to know before you buy an under desk footrest


The first step in buying an under desk footrest is to evaluate the office setup you already have. How do your legs fit underneath your desk? Are they usually at a 90-degree angle, or do you prefer to stretch out a bit? Perhaps you’re on the shorter side and your legs don’t hit the floor, or perhaps you’re on the taller side and need to relieve the pressure on your feet. Choose your footrest accordingly.

If you’re unsure what might work best, look for an adjustable or ergonomic footrest with a height range of several inches. This will help ensure you get the most comfortable fit.

Hard or soft

Hard plastic under desk footrests provide firm support and are designed to stimulate your feet. They can be used with or without shoes and are easily cleaned. Soft pillow-like under desk footrests provide gentle support and are designed to soothe your feet. They are best used without shoes and require extra cleaning.

Another option are hammock-style footrests. These hang from the bottom of your desk and keep your legs parallel to the floor. If you’ve got the space and you’d prefer to stretch out most of the day, a hammock-style footrest might be ideal.


If you have larger feet, you’ll definitely want to check the dimensions of your prospective model. You may even want to try several different models in person at an office supply store. Your under desk footrest should be large enough to accommodate both of your feet comfortably without feeling like they’re too close together. 

This may seem obvious, but an under desk footrest should also fit under your desk. Some larger models may crowd a small working space. Measure where your footrest will go beforehand to strike the perfect balance.

What to look for in a quality under desk footrest


In addition to adjusting height, you can adjust the angle of most under desk footrests. Make sure to try a variety of angles. You might be surprised by which is best for you. Some models also rock back and forth. This helps promote movement over several hours of sitting.

Keep an eye out for models with a foot lever or pedal, especially if you’re buying for an office setting where several different people might use the footrest over the course of a single day. A foot pedal allows the user to easily adjust the footrest from a sitting position, without having to get down on the floor to change things manually.

Non-skid surfaces

If you often wear socks without shoes under your desk, be sure the design of the top of your footrest will prevent your feet from slipping. Once you find the most comfortable position, you want to be sure your feet will stay there. Several models have a raised edge along the sides to help keep your feet in place.

It’s also important to make sure the bottom of your footrest has non-skid feet, especially if you’re placing it on a hardwood floor. This will help prevent your footrest from shifting when you get up or sit down.

High-end extras

Pricier models come with a variety of bonus features that help increase your comfort. If you want your footrest to work for you, look for a model with built-in electric massage heads or manual massage rollers. A quick foot massage can give you a burst of energy in the middle of a long day.

If your feet tend to get cold or hot, look for models with corresponding heating or cooling features. They can really make a difference to your overall well-being as the day goes on.

How much you can expect to spend on an under desk footrest

Hammock-style under desk footrests run between $10-$20. Soft pillow-like under desk footrests can run between $20-$50, depending on their adjustability and features. The same goes for hard plastic under desk footrests, which generally range from $20-$60.

Under desk footrest FAQ

What’s the best way to clean an under desk footrest?

A. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, the best way to clean a hard plastic footrest is to hose it off and let it dry in the sun. Be sure to clean any nooks and crannies underneath where dust and dirt might have accumulated. Soft pillow footrests should have an easily removable cover that may or may not be machine washable. Check the details for your particular model.

Do under desk footrests require assembly?

A. Most soft pillow footrests and hammock-style footrests will arrive as a single piece. Hard plastic footrests may require minimal assembly, but nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle by yourself in 5-10 minutes with a screwdriver.

What’s the best under desk footrest to buy?

Top under desk footrest

ComfiLife Ergonomic Memory Foam Foot Rest

ComfiLife Ergonomic Memory Foam Foot Rest

What you need to know: This comfortable resting spot will still feel plush after hours of use.

What you’ll love: The soft memory foam gently cradles your feet. It comes in three different colors.

What you should consider: The height is adjustable, but only by two inches, which may not be enough for some users.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top under desk footrest for the money

Mind Reader Ergonomic Footrest

Mind Reader Ergonomic Footrest

What you need to know: This budget option is great for people who prefer a firmer footrest.

What you’ll love: Its adjustable design gives you the support you need at the angle you want. Edges prevent your feet from slipping.

What you should consider: It may be difficult to keep in place on hardwood floors.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Macy’s and Wayfair

Worth checking out

Halter Ergonomic Footrest

Halter Ergonomic Footrest

What you need to know: This premium footrest is customized to fit your needs.

What you’ll love: It can adjust to three different heights up to 6.7 inches and tilts up to 30 degrees. It has non-slip rubber feet that won’t budge once placed.

What you should consider: This is bigger than other models on the market, which may be a good or bad thing depending on the size of your desk/feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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