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A chair mat can help safeguard your floors from wear and tear, especially if you have hardwood floors.

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Which chair mats are best?

Chair mats can help protect your floors from wear and tear, especially if you have hardwood floors. The repetitive movements of your office chair gliding across the same patch of floor over and over can wear down your floor over the years and create an area of the floor that is lighter in color than the floor surrounding it.

That’s why it’s important to purchase a chair mat to protect your flooring. If you’re looking for the top chair mat on the market, the Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Chair Mat is an excellent option.

What to know before you buy a chair mat


Think about the size of the area your chair mat is meant to protect. Your room also may factor into the size of the chair mat you need to purchase. Take some measurements of the room and the size of the area you want to protect, then purchase a chair mat that is a couple of inches smaller than your measurements.

Think about the grip

Consider the grip on the underside or back of the chair mat before you make your purchase. If you have a carpeted floor, look for a chair mat with little spikes. If you need to protect your hardwood floor, look for a chair mat that is smooth but not slippery on the back.


Thicker chair mats are meant to be used on rugs and carpets, while thinner chair mats work well on hardwood floors. Keep in mind that thicker chair mats also take a longer time to flatten out than thinner chair mats when they are shipped rolled up in a box.

What to look for in a quality chair mat


Transparent chair mats are an excellent option, especially for hardwood flooring, because you can show off the flooring underneath. The most common transparent chair mats are made of tempered glass, polycarbonate, PVC or vinyl.


While transparent chair mats are certainly the most common, black chair mats are also very popular. Some companies provide a wide range of colors, but this is uncommon.


Some plastic chair mats have a specific odor when they first arrive. That said, your chair mat shouldn’t have any smell as long as it’s listed as BPA-free. If your chair mat does have a distinct odor, unbox it in a large open space, ideally a garage or backyard, and give the chair mat at least a full day to air out before placing it in your office.

How much you can expect to spend on a chair mat

Chair mats typically vary in price from less than $35 to more than $70. The most basic and budget-friendly chair mats go for less than $35 and are typically made of PVC or vinyl. Midrange chair mats cost $40-$70, and high-end chair mats go for more than $70.

Chair mat FAQ

Are there any tricks you can use to keep a chair mat still if it keeps slipping?

A. Turn the chair mat over and apply a thin layer of glue across the mat, making sure that the glue is spread evenly before allowing it to dry. Once the glue is dry, you can turn the mat back over onto the floor. The dried glue on the chair mat should add some traction to keep the chair mat from slipping on the floor.

You also can place double-sided tape under each chair mat corner instead of applying glue. Change the tape every two or three months or you might not be able to get it off the chair mat corner.

What is the best way to clean a chair mat?

A. The best way to clean your chair mat is to mop the mat like you would the rest of your hardwood floor. Keep in mind that mopping the mat will leave some water residue under the edges of the chair mat; this needs to be wiped away with a cloth to prevent rot and mildew from growing underneath the chair mat. You can also clean the mat with a soft cloth dipped in a combination of warm water and mild soap.

What are the best chair mats to buy?

Top chair mat

Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Chair Mat

What you need to know: This popular premium polycarbonate chair mat from Gorilla Grip is considered the best of the best.

What you’ll love: This durable Gorilla Grip chair mat features a transparent, low-profile design and a hard surface that doesn’t warp or compress over the years. The mat is available in two size options and can be bought either with or without a lip.

What you should consider: Some customers said there was a permanent crease or bend in the chair mat since it didn’t arrive flat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top chair mat for the money

AiBOB Office Chair Mat

AiBOB Office Chair Mat

What you need to know: This clear and affordable office chair mat from AiBOB will protect your hardwood floor well.

What you’ll love: This budget-friendly AiBOB chair mat is perfect for office chairs and you can use it on a variety of flooring surfaces. The textured surface of the office chair mat prevents any slips, and it’s composed of a clear plastic material that enables your chair to glide freely.

What you should consider: This chair mat comes rolled up, so it might take some time for it to flatten out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvelux Rectangular Office Chair Mat

Marvelux Rectangular Office Chair Mat

What you need to know: This versatile chair mat from Marvelux is perfect for protecting hardwood floors.

What you’ll love: This clear and thin Marvelux office chair mat comes with multiple size options, holds up well to wear and tear and comes flat, which means it doesn’t need to be unrolled. 

What you should consider: This chair mat can slide around without extra grips or weight on the mat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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