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If you intend to put a lot of heavy use into your outdoor folding table then consider choosing a dark and textured table; they are less likely to show the kinds of blemishes that heavy use tends to impart.

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Which outdoor folding tables are best?

When it comes to outdoor activities, it can be hard to overstate how helpful it is to have a folding table available. Don’t think they’re only useful for outdoor activities either, in fact they’re preferable over their indoor-intentioned counterparts, thanks to their typically greater durabilities. Multiple brands and retailers have outdoor folding tables for sale, so before purchasing make sure to consider all of the following information.

The Office Star Folding Bench and Table Set is the top outdoor folding table thanks to its large, 6-foot length and comfortable bench seats, as well as its ability to fold down small and easily for storage.

What to know before you buy an outdoor folding table

Table/seating materials

The material that most outdoor folding tables are usually constructed of is fiberboard, resin or bamboo.

  • Fiberboard: Fiberboard is made by compressing wood fibers into a board shape. The fibers of the wood don’t resist water or other liquids very well and thus should be dried immediately if gotten wet. It’s also one of the heaviest materials.
  • Resin: On the flip side, you have molded resin, one of the lightest available materials. It remains highly durable despite its light weight, but make sure your prospective resin outdoor folding table has had all the appropriate treatments applied to it. If the table hasn’t been properly treated, it won’t last as long as it could.
  • Bamboo: The most aesthetically-pleasing material, which is still very durable when it has been properly prepared. Its moisture resistance is in between that of resin and fiberboard.

Frame/leg materials

The two materials which are used in the frames and legs of outdoor folding tables the most often are aluminum and powder-coated steel.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is used far and away the most often in frames and legs thanks to its inexpensive cost and durability. Consumers also benefit from its exceptionally lightweight.
  • Powder-coated steel: The powder-coating of the namesake of this steel is used to protect the metal from not only rusting, but to increase the overall strength of the metal itself. It’s heavier and costs more than aluminum but if you plan on using your outdoor folding table regularly then you should consider a powder-coated steel option.

What to look for in a quality outdoor folding table

Textured surface

Some outdoor folding tables have a textured surface instead of a perfectly smooth and flat surface, an aspect which is nearly always preferred thanks to one key feature: the illusion of increased durability. Textured surfaces easily hide and/or mask normal wear and tear as well as certain types of stains which gives the impression that the outdoor folding table is in better condition/is newer than it is. The only time a smooth surface is preferred is if your outdoor folding table is regularly required for an activity that demands a perfectly flat surface.

How much you can expect to spend on an outdoor folding table

The cost of an outdoor folding table varies, mostly based on its size, with certain materials also adding or subtracting to the overall cost. The smallest and lowest quality outdoor folding tables that are 4 feet long cost between $40-$60 while similarly-sized outdoor folding tables with much higher quality materials can reach up to $100. The very biggest and best outdoor folding tables typically cost between $125-$175.

Outdoor folding table FAQ

Can I leave an outdoor folding table outside all the time?

A. No. While outdoor folding tables are of course meant for use outside, they are not meant to withstand constant subjection to the elements. Even when you consider all of the various protective chemicals applied to an outdoor folding table that help it resist temporary subjection to the elements, nearly all still have metallic parts which will eventually rust no matter how great the protection. Leaving your outdoor folding table outside permanently will rapidly increase the rate of degradation.

What’s the best way to clean an outdoor folding table?

A. Like most any type of table, or most any item at all for that matter, an outdoor folding table is quickly and easily cleaned by wiping it with a wet washcloth and promptly drying it. Don’t use any chemical cleaners as they may eat away at the protective coatings applied to your outdoor folding table to help it last; try using water and white vinegar instead if you have a serious mess. Don’t use any materials which can scratch the table either. 

What’s the best outdoor folding table to buy?

Top outdoor folding table 

Office Star Folding Bench and Table Set

Office Star Folding Bench and Table Set

What you need to know: One of the most durable, and biggest available, outdoor folding tables.

What you’ll love: The dark coloration gives the illusion of decreased wear and the table has a helpful handle when folded up for easy carrying.

What you should consider: Anything but a perfectly flat surface can cause an unsteady rocking of the seating portion.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top outdoor folding table for the money

Lifetime Portable Folding Picnic Table and Bench Set

Lifetime Portable Folding Picnic Table and Bench Set

What you need to know: If you don’t need a big table then this 4-foot long option is both fitting and affordable.

What you’ll love: This outdoor folding table is one of the easiest to both set up and to fold back away.

What you should consider: The benches are thinner than will be comfortable for longer sessions at only 10 inches wide.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Coleman 4 in 1 Pack Away Camping Table

Coleman 4-in-1 Pack Away Camping Table

What you need to know: An excellent benchless option from one of the foremost outdoor brands known to consumers.

What you’ll love: The 4-in-1 of the name refers to this table’s ability to be folded and positioned into different setups for separate occasions.

What you should consider: All of the above positions aren’t as steady as many would prefer them to be.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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