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Which table saws from Home Depot are best? 

Whether you’re outfitting your first woodshop or are already an experienced craftsperson and want to expand your skill repertoire, a good table saw will help you do it. Table saws are incredibly versatile tools, and are often the core tool for any given project, whether it be a DIY deck for your backyard or a piece of fine furniture for your dining room. However, with so many different variations to choose from, finding the right one for your needs may seem like a bigger task than you want to undertake. 

We put together this buying guide of our favorite table saws from Home Depot to help you narrow your search. Continue reading to find out which models fit your needs. 

Best table saws at Home Depot

With the right table saw and a bit of creativity, you can use your tool for a variety of advanced woodworking functions, such as joining a narrow edge. One of the best parts of owning a good quality table saw is that it can continue to serve you as you become more and more skilled. In fact, if you get a high-quality saw that fits your needs well, it will likely be the last tool in the shop to be replaced. 

DeWalt 10 inch 'Job Site' table saw

DeWalt 10 inch ‘Job Site’ table saw

With a 10 inch carbide tipped blade and a generous 31-½ inch rip capacity, this compact table saw is capable of handling a lot more than its looks convey. This saw relies on a powerful 15 amp motor, which rotates the blade a whopping 4,800 times per minute. The Job Site saw also includes handy on-board storage for the push stick and miter gauge.  Plus, this saw comes with a convenient rolling stand as well as a three year warranty and a full year of free service.

Sold by: Home Depot

DeWalt 8-1/4 inch 'Compact Jobsite' table saw

DeWalt 8-1/4 inch ‘Compact Jobsite’ table saw

Although this saw is smaller than most of its competitors, it’s membership in the ‘Jobsite’ line of DeWalt means it can handle almost anything. Although the full Jobsite saw can be moved, the compact version is about two feet wide, which makes it exponentially easier to transport. It also comes with numerous options of on-board storage, which makes moving it even easier. 

Sold by: Home Depot

Rigid 10 inch ‘Professional Cast Iron’ table saw

Rigid 10 inch ‘Professional Cast Iron’ table saw

If you’re making your first foray into stationary table saws, the Professional series from Rigid is a great choice. With a powerful motor, and heavy-duty cast iron table this saw is capable of handling larger pieces of plywood or slabs. The cast iron needs a quick buff every now and then, but it maintains its flatness better than just about any other material used in table saws. While the Professional Cast Iron table saw provides all the performance of a standard stationary saw, it weighs considerably less.

Sold by: Home Depot

Delta 10-inch 'Biesemeyer' table saw

Delta 10-inch ‘Biesemeyer’ table saw

Although this saw is expensive, it’s packed with professional-grade features that will help you take your woodworking to the next level. With cast iron extension wings included with the saw, the 5000 series from Delta has an astounding rip capacity of 52 inches. This table saw can handle full sheets of plywood and large sized slabs with ease, not to mention any standard dimensioned lumber.

Sold by: Home Depot

Ryobi 10-Inch table saw

Ryobi 10-Inch table saw

If you’re looking for an affordable and portable table saw, look no further than this 15 amp, 10-inch table saw from Ryobi. For decades, Ryobi has been providing quality tools at affordable prices, and their experience in that department is evident in their portable table saw. It includes all the bells and whistles, such as a portable stand, push stick and miter gauge, at a fraction of the cost. To top it all off, Ryobi is known for their astounding customer service should you ever need to find a replacement part or ask a uncommon question.

Sold by: Home Depot

Milwaukee 'M18 Fuel One-Key' cordless saw package

Milwaukee ‘M18 Fuel One-Key’ cordless saw package

If you prioritize portability, and are looking to upgrade more than just your table saw, this kit from Milwaukee will do just that and more. Complete with a 10-inch miter saw and a 8-¼ inch compact table saw, as well as a folding stand for both, the M18 saw pack offers a great bang for your buck and promises to give you the ability to take your workshop on the go. Don’t let the size of the batteries fool you into thinking this saw is underpowered. Plus, if you continue to purchase tools from Milwaukee’s durable M18 line, you can use your batteries to power over 200 different wireless tools.

Sold by: Home Depot

SawStop 10-inch 'Assembly' table saw

SawStop 10-inch ‘Assembly’ table saw

With a robust 1.75 horsepower motor and a cast iron table, you can count on this saw to cut through almost any lumber for years to come. The Assembly table saw from SawStop also includes the on-board computer driven safety system the brand has become known for. The built-in computer not only checks each system every time it’s turned on, it will completely stop the blade in nano-seconds if it senses any material other than wood or plastic near the blade. In fact, the blade stops so fast that it prevents almost all of the potential damage from occurring.

Sold by: Home Depot

Bosch 10-inch 'Worksite' table saw

Bosch 10-inch ‘Worksite’ table saw

Bosch is known for engineering innovations, and this saw is ideal for the avid hobbyist or contractor that doesn’t have the need or space for a stationary saw. In addition to premium table saw features like constant response circuitry that keeps the rpms consistent under a heavy load, the Worksite saw comes with a unique gravity-rise stand. The stand turns your saw into an easy-to-maneuver dolly for storage and completely folds open with the push of a lever. 

Sold by: Home Depot


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