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If food keeps getting stuck on the head of your potato masher, tap it firmly on the side of your pot or bowl to dislodge the pieces.

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Which potato masher is best?

There are few things more comforting than a generous scoop of mashed potatoes, but preparing the side dish can be challenging and time-consuming without the proper tools. Potato mashers uniquely assist in preparing all kinds of pulverized foods, from candied yams to hummus.  

Despite the simplicity of this tool, not all potato mashers are created equal. If you want a sleek-looking utensil with an ergonomic design, the ZYLISS Stainless Steel Potato Masher is the top pick. 

What to know before you buy a potato masher

Parts of a potato masher

Potato mashers are straightforward tools, consisting of a primary head and handle construction. Beyond that design requirement, however, the utensils can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. A thorough understanding of the various components can be helpful when deciding on a particular product. 

  • Head: This is the part of the potato masher that pulverizes the ingredients. Heads can resemble a wide, flat plate with holes or thick S-shaped wires. The plate design is great for mashing large quantities of food quickly, but bits of food can get stuck in the holes or around the side of the head. Wire heads avoid this problem but require more mashing, making them better-suited for preparing smaller quantities.
  • Handle: Most potato mashers have handles that are long and vertical. Some models may feature a rubberized grip or an ergonomic design for improved comfort during long periods of mashing. Occasionally, you’ll come across a potato masher with a horizontal handle built close to the head. This design gives the user extra leverage and is particularly helpful for people with arthritis or a disability that causes limited grip strength. 

Uses for potato mashers

Despite the name, you can use potato mashers to prepare a wide variety of different dishes beyond mashed potatoes. The following list details just a few of the many things you can do with a high-quality potato masher. 

  • Pulverize garbanzo beans to make hummus
  • Smash black beans with other ingredients for a vegan bean burger or dip
  • Mash fruits and vegetables to make homemade baby food
  • Crush avocados, chopped onion and lime to prepare a refreshing guacamole 
  • When cooking ground beef, use a potato masher to break the meat into even pieces 
  • Instead of potatoes, mash boiled cauliflower for a healthy side dish 

What to look for in a quality potato masher

Ergonomic design

If you’re preparing large quantities of food with your potato masher, your hand is going to get tired after a while. Look for a masher with an ergonomic, rubberized grip and contoured design for those long days in the kitchen. Many utensils will use a silicone coating for a particularly soft and comfortable grip. 


Potato mashers are usually stainless steel, hard plastic or nylon. The metal utensils may cost a little extra, but they make up for their price in overall durability. With proper maintenance, a stainless steel potato masher will resist rust and last for years of regular use. 


Keeping your potato masher clean and dry is the best way to ensure a long product life. For users with busy schedules, look for a utensil that you can conveniently wash in the dishwasher. Remember that you can wear down mashers constructed from plastic or silicone with frequent wash cycles.


Some potato mashers have relatively large heads, so think about where you plan to store the utensil if it doesn’t fit in your silverware drawer. Many mashers feature a loop at the end of the handle so you can hang it on a wall hook. 

How much you can expect to spend on a potato masher

Most potato mashers are quite affordable, with the cost generally depending on the product’s construction. You can expect to spend $10-$20 for a quality masher in most cases. 

Potato masher FAQ

Can you use a potato masher if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel?

A. If you have issues with mobility or grip strength, look for a potato masher with a low, horizontal handle for better leverage. 

How should you clean a potato masher?

A. Many mashers are dishwasher-safe but if yours isn’t, soak the head in hot water to dislodge any remaining pieces and use dish soap to scrub and clean the utensil. 

What’s the best potato masher to buy?

Top potato masher

ZYLISS Stainless Steel Potato Masher

ZYLISS Stainless Steel Potato Masher

What you need to know: This popular masher has a sleek design and silicone grip for easy handling. 

What you’ll love: The utensil’s head is constructed from stainless steel and features small inner holes and large outer holes for quick and effective mashing. The utensil is BPA-free, rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe. 

What you should consider: The potato masher is too big to fit in most kitchen drawers, but there’s a hole on the handle for hanging. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top potato masher for the money

Good Cook 9-Inch Chrome Potato Masher

Good Cook 9-Inch Chrome Potato Masher 

What you need to know: This conventional potato masher is affordable and straightforward with a sturdy chrome construction. 

What you’ll love: The coating on the potato masher’s head prevents food from sticking, and the S-shaped wire design is excellent for durability. It’s also compact enough to fit in most silverware drawers. 

What you should consider: A few users reported issues with rusting after extended use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Potato masher worth checking out

KUKPO Stainless Steel Potato Masher

KUKPO Stainless Steel Potato Masher

What you need to know: This compact potato masher is durable and perfect for users with grip strength issues or arthritis. 

What you’ll love: This versatile utensil has a horizontal handle and holes of various sizes to ensure even mashing. The wide mashing plate is stainless steel, and the handle is rubberized for comfort. 

What you should consider: This potato masher does not appear to be dishwasher-safe. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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