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The best round cutting boards can help you perfectly chop ingredients for all your recipes while helping your knives stay sharp.

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Which round cutting board is best?

While most chefs and home cooks know to select the best knives for cooking, not everyone recognizes the value of a good cutting board. The best cutting boards don’t dull your blades and allow you to cut everything needed in even your most complex recipes.

Finding the best round cutting board for your kitchen shouldn’t be an afterthought. Look into the John Boos 18-Inch Reversible Walnut Round Wood Cutting Board if you want the best board for your kitchen.

What to know before you buy a round cutting board


When choosing a cutting board for your kitchen, one of the most important things to consider is how it will treat your knife set. The last thing you want is to purchase a new cutting board, then have to replace your knives because the board dulled them. The harder the surface of the cutting board, the worse it will be on your knives. Wood or plastic cutting boards will help keep your knives in good condition longer.

Material type and maintenance

Most round cutting boards are made from wood, bamboo or glass. Every material has its pros and cons. While wood and bamboo cutting boards are more durable and will be far easier on your knife set, glass cutting boards are easier to clean. All you need is soap and water to properly care for your glass cutting board. Both wooden and bamboo cutting boards require more attention, such as careful washing, wiping, air drying, oiling and polishing.

Different wood types

Round cutting boards are made from a wide variety of wood types. All woods behave slightly differently. Dense lumbers such as maple, walnut or cherry are typically preferred for cutting boards. They hold up well and are difficult to stain. It can be harder to clean or remove stains from open-pored woods such as ash and red oak. Pinewood cutting boards can leave a strange taste on your food. Pine is also soft, meaning it will quickly end up with cutting scars.

What to look for in a quality round cutting board

Easy to clean

A cutting board you can’t easily clean is a headache. However, this doesn’t mean you should look for a round cutting board you can put into the dishwasher. Regardless if it’s made of wood or plastic, exposure to heat and water in a dishwasher can cause warping or cracking. Instead, find a cutting board you can fit in your sink and wash gently with soap and water. Something too large or intricate in design will be a hassle to clean.

Easy to maintain

While they may require more care, wood and bamboo cutting boards are the easiest to maintain. Plastic cutting boards suffer cutting scars easily, and glass cutting boards are prone to break. Round wood cutting boards are forgiving and durable. Whatever the material you choose for your round cutting board, proper maintenance will extend its lifespan, keeping it from warping and absorbing stains.


You don’t want your cutting board cracking or chipping from normal use. Find a round cutting board that’s durable enough to endure regular handling, chopping and cleaning. Poorly made round wood cutting boards can split easily, and glass cutting boards can shatter when dropped.


Round cutting boards come in all sorts of sizes. You want your board to be large enough to handle all the chopping and food preparation you do regularly but small enough to fit into your storage space. Something too small for you will be equally as frustrating as something too large.

How much you can expect to spend on a round cutting board

Material and craftsmanship determine the price of a round cutting board. You can find many affordable boards for $25-$50, while the best round cutting boards are in the range of $150-$250.

Round cutting board FAQ

What is the best material for a round cutting board?

A. Wood is easy to clean, hard to damage and doesn’t dull your knives. Other popular materials are plastic, rubber or bamboo.

How thick should a round cutting board be?

A. The ideal thickness of a cutting board depends on the material. A wood cutting board should be between 1 and 2 inches, but a plastic or glass cutting board can be thinner. 

What’s the best round cutting board to buy?

Top round cutting board

John Boos 18-Inch Reversible Round Walnut Wood Cutting Board

John Boos 18-Inch Reversible Round Walnut Wood Cutting Board

What you need to know: Well-loved by professional chefs, this walnut cutting board is currently the best round cutting board and arguably the best wooden cutting board out there.

What you’ll love: Whether you’re slicing and dicing or seasoning your favorite meats, this durable cutting board gets the job done. A solid wood edge grain makes it reversible.

What you should consider: This cutting board is on the high end of the price spectrum.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon

Top round cutting board for the money

Aidea Round Cutting Board Acacia Wood

Aidea Round Cutting Board Acacia Wood

What you need to know: This affordable acacia wood cutting board is straightforward and well-suited to all your chopping or charcuterie needs.

What you’ll love: Reversible and beautiful, this round cutting board is easy to use and store. A deep juice groove helps catch leaky liquids from fruits, vegetables and meats. Covered in a layer of food-grade oil, it is smooth to the touch and waterproof. 

What you should consider: Several users complained this board wasn’t durable and that it warped or broke easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Personalized Round Wood Marble Cutting Board

Personalized Round Wood Marble Cutting Board

What you need to know: If you’re on the hunt for a reliable cutting board or a personalized statement piece for your kitchen decoration, this customizable cutting board is perfect for you.

What you’ll love: With a marble and wood design, this cutting board will look adorable hanging on the wall or as a centerpiece for your kitchen island. You can use it for dicing vegetables or presenting food, or you can keep it as decoration.

What you should consider: Returns are not accepted for this item, as they are all handmade to order.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

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