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Monochromatic minimalist color palettes feature a similar color of different hues.

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Which minimalist home decor is best?

The purpose of designing a space with minimalist decor is to make it look interestingly decorated with the least amount of items. Items with bold lines and similar textures that follow a neutral color palette are the best to use when designing a space to be minimalistic. When purchasing minimalistic home decor, consider the type of lines, if the items feature added storage, the space you have to fit these items and the texture of the items.

If you are looking for a durable piece of minimalistic furniture made with high-quality material and featuring a bold, modern design, the Orren Ellis Bax 4-Person Dining Set is the top choice.

What to know before you buy minimalist home decor 


Before purchasing minimalist home decor, consider the lines that are created when placing the decor in certain locations. When referring to home decor, lines are the vertical and horizontal placing of items to bring a room together. Minimalist home decor features bold lines of different directions to create contrast in a room. The variation of lines present in a room makes a space look full without being filled with items. The more contrasting lines present in a room, the fewer items needed to decorate the room.


Knowing the amount of room you have to work with before purchasing the decor determines the size of the decor and the amount. Measuring the lines and dimensions of the room and the doorways the decor will have to be fitted through can make the decorating process go smoothly. Knowing the amount of space that is available to place minimalist decor can help the user plan where the items in the room will go.


One of the ways you can use a minimal amount of decor to make a room look full and more intriguing is through texture. Purchasing items that feature the same textures draws attention to certain areas of a room, creating less need for clutter. Similar textures in congruence with lines of different directions allow minimalistic designs to fill a room.

What to look for in quality minimalist home decor


Although minimalism and simplicity do not correlate when referring to a specific object, they do go hand in hand when talking about a room as a whole. The home decor items themselves do not have to feature simple designs, but when placed together in a room, they should create a simple, clean overall look.


Quality minimalist decor should feature options for storage. For example, to create less clutter in the room, a desk used to create a minimalistic look should have drawers to hold items. Another example of an item that could provide storage to hide unwanted clutter and open up a room is an ottoman that has storage inside. Items that have storage can make a room look more minimalistic.

Color palette

Minimalistic designs often follow a single color palette. Rooms designed with a few neutral colors typically make a room look minimalistic in comparison to rooms designed with many bold, bright colors. An example of a minimalist color palette would be beige, white and brown. Tonal colors that are typically paired make for the best minimalistic designs.

How much you can expect to spend on minimalist home decor

The best minimalistic home decor costs $20-$1,000 depending on the purpose of the item that was purchased, its size and what brand it is. Large items from popular brands made with the best material cost more.

Minimalistic home decor FAQ

What should you use to hang minimalist home decor on the walls? 

A. Depending on the weight of the object, you can nail minimalistic home decor to the wall or use adhesive stick items to hold up the items. To leave less of a permanent mark on the walls, consider adhesive items that can hold a lot of weight before making holes in the wall.

What are the most popular minimalist colors to decorate with? 

A. The most popular minimalist colors to decorate with are neutrals that feature one dark color that matches the color scheme. Popular modern minimalist colors include sand, rose, white and beige, and each color palette will feature tonal colors to match the color.

What’s the best minimalist home decor to buy?

Top minimalist home decor

Orren Ellis Bax 4-Person Dining Set

Orren Ellis Bax 4-Person Dining Set

What you need to know: This dining set is made with definite lines and is simply designed. It comes in multiple colors and the colors of all items match as a set.

What you’ll love: The table is made with durable tempered glass and all items can hold a substantial amount of weight. The chairs are covered with faux leather and made without the use of animal-derived materials. The table features four legs that are twisted together to provide maximum support for the glass.

What you should consider: The item requires assembly upon arrival and is very heavy to transport.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top minimalist home decor for the money

Sullivans Store Ceramic Vase Set

Sullivans Store Ceramic Vase Set

What you need to know: This vase set features three vases of the same color but different sizes.

What you’ll love: These vases are made with durable, high-quality ceramic and are designed to look rustic. You can feature these vases in any room as a centerpiece or something to fill space on a shelf. They arrive at your doorstep securely packaged.

What you should consider: These items are not food safe. Users should not use these vases to store food or drink.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Antique Dark-Gold Rustic Island Chandelier

Antique Dark-Gold Rustic Island Chandelier 

What you need to know: This chandelier is designed with six lights that look like candles. The minimalist design features bold lines and some of the lines are adjustable depending on the desired height of the item.

What you’ll love: This item is made with durable metal and the light sockets are compatible with different types of bulbs. The lights are dimmable and the product comes with a 90-day return policy. 

What you should consider: The bulbs are not included with the purchase of this item. Assemblyis required.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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