Which holiday doormat is best?

Decorating for the holidays is one of the most enjoyable activities of the season. From putting up inflatables in your front yard to hanging twinkling lights, there is a certain magic that holiday decorations elicit. When decorating your home’s exterior, a quintessential item is a holiday doormat. You can purchase holiday doormats that light up, can be customized and play music.

Calloway Mills Holiday Joy Doormat  is a top pick for holiday doormats. Its simple design is perfect for almost any theme, and the mat is durable with dark lettering that doesn’t fade easily.

What to know before you buy a holiday doormat


Holiday outdoor doormats come in a variety of sizes to fit all porches and patios. Ranging from oversized to compact, you can easily find a doormat that suits your home. Before purchasing, measure the total space you’d like covered. From there, you can select the closest option.

If you plan to layer your mat, such as placing a solid or printed pattern mat underneath, figure out what sizes you will need for each. Choosing incorrect dimensions can alter the desired effect.

Designated for outdoor use

Another critical consideration to make is finding styles that are designed for outdoor use. While it may be tempting, trying to use an indoor-only mat on your porch or patio often results in permanent damage to the doormat. Additionally, having a holiday doormat that is designated for outdoor use is critical in the winter months. For those living in parts of the country that see snow, doormats also brush off the bottoms of shoes. This keeps dirt, sidewalk salt and snow outside where it belongs.


Make the most out of your holiday doormat purchase by matching it to your planned decor. Following a specific style or theme keeps everything looking consistent. If you’ve not yet settled on a theme, choose a doormat design that is relatively neutral. Once you’ve landed on a plan for your exterior decor, your mat will blend in.

What to look for in a quality holiday doormat

Resists fading

Any time of the year, one of the biggest challenges with doormats is fading. Lettering and designs can quickly fade due to moisture, frequent use and other factors. During the late fall and winter, frequent snowfall and abrasive sidewalk salt can damage the design of a holiday doormat within weeks. That’s why it is super important to choose a durable doormat that resists fading. This will ensure that your mat stays bright and beautiful throughout the holiday season.


Balancing design with functionality is especially important around the holidays. Quality designs can hold up to the original purpose of a doormat, which is to clean off the bottoms of shoes. Snow boots catch mud, salt and snow in their grooves. Make sure your new holiday doormat has strong bristles that properly remove all debris from shoes and boots. As you welcome guests into your home over the holiday season, a functional doormat can prevent extra hours of cleaning.

Coordinates with most themes

Purchasing a neutral holiday doormat that coordinates with most themes is smart for several reasons. If you haven’t decided on your decor for this year, a versatile design will blend with whatever you choose. Also, you can save your new doormat to use for next year’s holiday season, even if your decorations change.

How much you can expect to spend on a holiday doormat

Depending on the size and customization options, holiday doormats typically cost $15-$40.

Holiday doormat FAQ

What message should you get on your holiday doormat?

A. This is completely up to you. You can now find holiday doormats that commemorate favorite quotes from holiday movies, those with personalization and those that recognize one specific holiday. A growing number of people like to select a simple “Happy Holidays” message to encompass all of the season’s celebrations.

When is the best time to start using my holiday doormat?

A. This is another decision that is best left to personal preference. While there are debates as to the “best” time to put up holiday decor, many individuals start on (or just after) Thanksgiving.

What’s the best holiday doormat to buy?

Top holiday doormat

Best Calloway Mills Holiday Joy Doormat

Calloway Mills Holiday Joy Doormat

What you need to know: Minimalist yet stylish, this exceptionally durable holiday doormat is a fantastic choice for all decor themes.

What you’ll love: Available in two separate sizes, this Happy Holidays doormat can easily fit into any exterior design. You can easily layer this style with base mats of any color or pattern. The printed lettering is extra dark, which helps slow fading. Strong bristles make it easy to clean the bottom of one’s shoes. 

What you should consider: This option costs more than most other holiday doormats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top holiday doormat for the money

Home and More Happy Holidays Doormat

Home And More Happy Holidays Doormat

What you need to know: This Happy Holidays doormat is an exceptional value.

What you’ll love: Featuring an all-black background, this mat is printed with bright ornaments and the message “Happy Holidays.” It is colorfast, designed for all seasons and created to hold up in all weather conditions. The mat resists mildew, is vinyl backed and has a gritty texture. 

What you should consider: Only available in one size: 17-by-29 inches.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot and Amazon

Worth checking out

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Snowflake Doormat

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Snowflake Doormat

What you need to know: Individuals seeking a more understated holiday doormat will appreciate the simplistic design.

What you’ll love: Created to look like an average doormat, this snowflake-print design is excellent for anyone who desires a more subtle and practical holiday doormat. Weatherproof and easy to clean, this mat can handle it all. It is made from commercial-grade rubber and is resistant to stains and fading. The mat is available in two colors: bluestone and solid red.

What you should consider: There is only one size available: 20-by-30 inches.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s and Wayfair

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