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You can find both shiny and matte finishes on gold curtain rods. Both are great choices, so it comes down to personal preference.

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Which gold curtain rods are best?

Gold is synonymous with elegance, and gold curtain rods add a touch of luxury to any room. A curtain rod is often an afterthought in everyday interior design, but spending time to pick out the perfect option can pay off, as that level of attention to detail will elevate your decor. 

It can be tough to find the perfect gold curtain rod, especially when you aren’t quite sure what you desire. If you want a simple yet classy option, the Ivilon Drapery Warm Gold Curtain Rod is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a gold curtain rod

Parts of a curtain rod

A standard curtain rod consists of the rod or pole itself, which is what the curtains sit on, plus the finials, which are the parts that screw onto either end of the pole to keep the curtains from slipping off. There are also the brackets that hold the rod in place on the wall. While you may already have brackets if you’re replacing an old curtain rod, these won’t necessarily fit or even match your new gold curtain pole.

In addition to standard curtain rods, you can also buy wraparound curtain rods. Rather than sitting in brackets with finials at either end, the pole screws into curved brackets. When screwed in place, this makes the curtain rod and brackets look like a single piece that curves at both ends and screws directly into the wall. Not only does this negate the need for finials, since there’s no way the curtains can slide off the pole, it also lets you pull the curtains round to meet the wall to block out even more light. 

Length and diameter

You need to choose the right size curtain rod, both in length and diameter. The curtain pole should be long enough to span your window, plus at least a couple of inches on each side. Some people prefer to take the curtains significantly wider than the window for a more dramatic look. Most curtain poles are telescoping, so you can easily adjust the length, but you’ll still usually find a few sizes on sale. The diameter of your chosen curtain rod must be the right size to fit inside the eyelets, tabs or rod pockets of your curtains. 


The rod part of a gold curtain rod is typically metal. This metal is unlikely to be naturally gold in color, so it will be plated with another gold-colored metal or covered in another type of gold-colored coating. The finials should ideally be metal, but some inexpensive curtain rods have coated plastic finials. 

What to look for in a quality gold curtain rod

Finial design

Traditional finials are often fairly elaborate. They can be embellished with crystal or artificial jewels. However, simple, unadorned end cap finials are currently one of the most popular options, as these showy finials can look dated. 

Gold hue

Gold can either be warm or bright with brassy hues. You can also opt for rose gold if you prefer. You might want to match your gold curtain rod to other gold accents in the room. 

Mounting hardware

Most curtain rods come with screws, wall plugs and other hardware needed to mount them. You will need your own tools, though. 

How much you can expect to spend on a gold curtain rod

Depending on the size and quality, a gold curtain rod can cost anywhere from $15-$150. 

Gold curtain rod FAQ

Is gold a good color for a curtain rod? 

A. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to curtain rod color, so if you like gold curtain rods, they’re a great choice. That said, if you want your curtain rods to tie into the rest of your home decor, consider adding other gold accents to the room, such as gold doorknobs or gold legs on tables, chairs or couches. 

What types of curtains fit on a curtain rod? 

A. Eyelet curtains, tab top curtains and rod pocket curtains will all fit on a curtain rod, assuming the diameter of the rod is correct. Pencil pleat and other pleat-top curtains fit on curtain tracks rather than curtain rods. If you already own pleat-top curtains you love, you can buy curtain rings to fit them. These curtain rings slide onto curtain rods so that you can hang your pleat-top curtains from a rod. 

What are the best gold curtain rods to buy?

Top gold curtain rod

Ivilon Drapery Warm Gold Curtain Rod

Ivilon Drapery Warm Gold Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This is a simple yet stylish contemporary curtain rod with understated end cap finials and a 1-inch diameter. 

What you’ll love: The warm gold matte finish and simple finials look great with various decorative styles. You can choose from a range of pole lengths, and all the necessary mounting hardware is included. 

What you should consider: This rod scratches easily, so it isn’t ideal with metal eyelet curtains or curtain rings. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top gold curtain rod for the money

Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Bach Curtain Rod

Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Bach Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This affordable gold curtain pole has a .75-inch diameter and square finials. 

What you’ll love: The telescopic rod design extends from 28-48 inches and is easy to adjust. The brackets are adjustable, and all mounting hardware is included. The understated matte gold works in most rooms. 

What you should consider: The finish and build quality can’t rival more expensive curtain rods. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

MODE Industrial Room Darkening Curtain Rod Set 

MODE Industrial Room Darkening Curtain Rod Set 

What you need to know: With a modern industrial style, this curtain rod is ideal for anyone who wants a change from conventional styles. 

What you’ll love: The wraparound design helps keep light from leaking in at the edges, making this an ideal companion for blackout curtains. You can choose from two sizes, with the largest covering windows up to a whopping 144 inches. 

What you should consider: The included hardware could be better, so you may want to use your own screws and wall plugs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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