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Certain pooper scoopers may incorporate disposable bags into their design. If you’re interested in one of these devices, look for one that can use biodegradable bags.

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Which pooper scoopers are best?

Owning a dog is fun, entertaining and endlessly rewarding, but if you’re tired of constantly bending over to pick up their droppings, perhaps it’s time to consider a pooper scooper. These simple devices can be used to easily pick up after your pet, eliminating the need for wasteful plastic bags and allowing you to keep a safe distance from their mess.

The last thing you want is a subpar scooper that fails when you need it most. For a reliable, spacious scoop, check out the Pawler Bigger Dog Pooper Scooper. 

What to know before you buy a pooper scooper

Types of pooper scoopers

Pooper scoopers typically fall into two distinct categories: one-piece or two-piece devices. Two-piece pooper scoopers come with a dustpan component and a separate piece that resembles a small rake. Simply rake the dog droppings into the dustpan and you can be on your way. One of the drawbacks of this design is that it requires two hands to operate, which can be difficult if you’re holding a leash with one hand. 

One-piece pooper scoopers eliminate this problem by implementing a design that lets you operate the device with a single hand. There is usually a spiked jaw component and a lever that lets you open and close the scoop around the droppings. These scoopers are convenient but may come with a learning curve. 

Both designs get the job done, so you’ll need to consider your lifestyle before deciding which type is going to work best for you. For example, if you need a scooper to take on walks, look for a one-piece device. If you have an enclosed yard that needs regular cleaning, perhaps a two-piece scoop is best. 

Benefits of pooper scoopers

There are quite a few reasons to use a pooper scooper when cleaning up after your furry friend. For a more exhaustive list of benefits, check out the complete pet pooper scooper buying guide from BestReviews. 

  • Pooper scoopers eliminate the need for plastic bags, thereby reducing waste in the landfill. 
  • You can operate most pooper scoopers without bending over, which is helpful if you have back problems or a disability. 
  • Pooper scoopers have a long reach that keeps you far from the droppings and your hands mess-free. 
  • The majority of these devices can be used faster and more efficiently than the hand-in-bag method. 

What to look for in a quality pooper scooper


If you have a large dog or multiple dogs to clean up after, consider a pooper scooper with a large capacity dustpan. This can save you the trouble of having to constantly empty the scoop. 


The length of the handle will determine how often you’ll need to bend over to clean up after your pet. Depending on your height, look for a scooper with a handle that’s at least 35 inches long. Some models may also feature adjustable handles for users of various heights. 


The vast majority of pooper scoopers are constructed from either metal or plastic. The plastic variety is lightweight and affordable but may crack or break if used against gravel, concrete or packed snow. Metal scoopers can be heavy and cost a little more but result in a more durable product. If you choose to go with a metal device, make sure it’s rust-proof or made with stainless steel. 

How much you can expect to spend on a pooper scooper

The cost of a pooper scooper typically varies depending on the construction. A simple plastic device will usually cost around $10-$20, while durable metal scoopers with adjustable handles can cost up to $40. 

Pooper scooper FAQ

How do I clean my pooper scooper? 

A. Pooper scoopers will naturally get dirty over time. When it’s time for a cleaning, get an old bucket and soak the tool in warm, soapy water, using a paper towel or rag to wipe off residual feces. 

Where should I store my pooper scooper?

A. Given the unsanitary nature of the tool, most people choose to store their pooper scooper in their yard or garage. Leaving the scooper outside and exposing it to direct sunlight can also help kill any remaining bacteria. 

What’s the best pooper scooper to buy?

Top pooper scooper

Pawler Bigger Dog Pooper Scooper

Pawler Bigger Dog Pooper Scooper

What you need to know: This simple, two-piece device has a large capacity and long reach. 

What you’ll love: Perfect for large dog or multi-dog households, this spacious two-piece pooper scooper is constructed from durable aluminum and features two components that are over 35 inches long. The device is also rust-proof and easy to clean. 

What you should consider: The rake may not be tough enough to handle hard surfaces like gravel or pavement. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pooper scooper for the money

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop

Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop

What you need to know: This lightweight pooper scooper is affordable and easy to use. 

What you’ll love: This one-piece model has a hinged jaw component that can be easily opened and closed with a lever that’s built into the handle. The scooper is constructed from nonstick plastic with an antimicrobial coating. 

What you should consider: This pooper scooper is not very durable and could break after extended use on hard surfaces. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

GoGo Stik Dootie Bags Poo Catcher

GoGo Stik Dootie Bags Poo Catcher

What you need to know: This popular pooper scooper uses disposable bags to easily pick up and dispose of pet waste. 

What you’ll love: The integrated bag design keeps the tool cleaner for longer, and the durable aluminum handle can be adjusted from 25 inches to 35 inches. The purchase also comes with 10 free bags.

What you should consider: The device can be difficult to use on certain surfaces, since it lacks a rake. It’s also unclear if the included bags are biodegradable or not. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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