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Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, which means that your body absorbs it better when taken with a fatty meal.

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Which Vitamin E supplements are best?

Vitamin E is a major antioxidant vitamin that neutralizes the damaging action of free radicals on healthy cells, an effect that may play a role in preventing and managing chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and diabetes.

If you’re looking to buy a vitamin E supplement and you are unsure of the right product to choose, a supplement like Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin E, which is made to meet the highest quality standards, can be an excellent option for you. 

What to know before you buy a vitamin E supplement


As an antioxidant, vitamin E protects the body from free radicals that enter the body due to pollution, sunlight and smoke, or are produced during normal body processes. These free radicals can trigger oxidative stress and cellular damage in the body, which usually occurs in cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin E helps to mop up these agents by making them less reactive, limiting their harmful effects. This vitamin can also boost your skin health by reducing collagen breakdown and neutralizing the effect of free radical damage on the skin.

Natural vs. synthetic

The major difference between the natural and synthetic vitamin E forms is that the former comprises a full range of tocopherols while the latter contains only one tocopherol. Simply put, natural vitamin E is a complete form of vitamin E. The natural form of vitamin E is also better absorbed in the body and more effective than the synthetic option. If you want to know if the vitamin E supplement you’re buying is natural or synthetic, check the supplement label. If vitamin E is shown as d-alpha-tocopherol, it is natural, and if it is dl-alpha-tocopherol, then what you have is the synthetic form.

Third-party testing

To address these concerns about claims of effectiveness from brands, many reputable manufacturers utilize third-party testing to validate the quality and purity of their ingredients. If you want to buy a high-quality vitamin E supplement, you can check for labels like GMP and USP certifications. These indicate compliance with good manufacturing practices and that the product was made in a clean and controlled facility.

What to look for in a quality vitamin E supplement

Concentrated supplement vs. multivitamins

The type of vitamin E supplement you take will depend on the amount of vitamin E you need. You may choose to take a multivitamin that contains vitamin E as a part of the formulation or a concentrated supplement, which usually contains a high dose of vitamin E. If you take more than the vitamin E you need, it may lead to complications so you should speak with your doctor when choosing your vitamin E supplement. 


If you have trouble swallowing pills, you can choose a vitamin E supplement with chewable tablets, an excellent option for kids. Aside from chewable forms, there are also soft gel capsules that are easy to swallow. Some soft gel options also incorporate soy lecithin into the formulation to keep the ingredients suspended. This means that the supplement isn’t made with oil, and you have to take it with a snack or food containing fat for better absorption. There are also vitamin E supplements that come in liquid formulation, but these products are usually applied to the skin 


It is critical to know when to take a vitamin E supplement and one of such is when you develop a vitamin E deficiency. If you are wondering how you’d know if you have a vitamin E deficiency, some of the symptoms include muscle pain and weakness, difficulty with walking and visual disturbances. However, you shouldn’t take a supplement without discussing it with your doctor.

How much you can expect to spend on a vitamin E supplement

The price you will pay for a bottle of vitamin E depends on the dosage form, the type of vitamin E and the bottle’s size. On average, you can expect to pay $9-$100 for a bottle of vitamin E supplements.

Vitamin E supplement FAQ

How do I tell if I have vitamin E deficiency?

A. A blood test is the best way to know if you have a vitamin E deficiency. Furthermore, if you have low levels of vitamin E, some of the symptoms you may feel include muscle weakness, walking difficulties, numbness, vision deterioration and immune system problems.

What should I not take with my vitamin E supplement?

A. Vitamin E has a blood-thinning effect. If you taking a blood-thinner like warfarin, clopidogrel and aspirin, you shouldn’t take a vitamin E supplement because it can cause excessive bleeding, which can be fatal.

What’s the best vitamin E supplement to buy?

Top vitamin E supplement

Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin E

Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin E

What you need to know: It is made with 22 organically grown fruits that provide a unique blend of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, A, D, K and selenium.

What you’ll love: It combines naturally occurring mixed tocopherols with selenium and fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K, which gives extensive protection to your cells against oxidative stress. The capsules are easy to swallow and can also be opened up and mixed with juice or water.

What you should consider: It is expensive when compared to other brands

Where to buy: Sold by iherb 

Top vitamin E supplement for the money

Nature’s Bounty Natural Vitamin E Oil

Nature’s Bounty Natural Vitamin E Oil

What you need to know: If you are looking for a suitable moisturizing oil for your skin, this vitamin E oil is a great choice.

What you’ll love: It can be taken orally or you can apply it to skin as a moisturizer. It is also vegetarian-friendly and made with only plant-based ingredients.

What you should consider: It is not concentrated vitamin E oil as it contains other ingredients like soybean oil, corn oil and wheat germ oil.

Where to buy: Sold by iherb

Worth checking out

Nature Made Vitamin E Softgels

Nature Made Vitamin E Softgels

What you need to know: This natural vitamin E supplement is designed to protect your cells from the damaging effect of free radicals and helps you maintain optimal fitness and heart health.

What you’ll love: It comes as a pack of two bottles that contains a total of 200 soft gel capsules of vitamin E. It contains the natural form of vitamin E, d-alpha-tocopherol, the most potent form of the vitamin.

What you should consider: Some users complained about receiving the synthetic vitamin E brand of this product instead of the natural option.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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