Eargo 5 review: Can this newest model actually provide personalized hearing improvements?

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Eargo 5 hearing device review

Thanks to advances in medical research and technology, there are now several hearing aids, devices and treatments available to manage hearing loss. However, while many of these may tweak and enhance sound, few deliver an optimal hearing experience. 

Eargo claims they have a better solution to manage hearing loss. Their newest hearing aid, Eargo 5, offers a customized hearing experience that tailors sound to your preferences. It doesn’t require clinic visits for fitting or adjustments; instead, it allows you to personalize your hearing devices via a user-friendly app. If you need assistance with your Eargo 5, it’s available: Eargo offers free direct access to hearing professionals via the app. 

We wanted to see whether the Eargo 5 could actually improve hearing as promised, so we decided to test it with someone with moderate hearing loss. Here’s what we found. 

Testing the Eargo 5

We tested the Eargo 5 with someone who characterizes their hearing loss as mild to moderate. They also experience difficulty hearing clear sounds in environments with background noise. The tester does not currently use hearing aids; however, they previously tested the Eargo Neo HiFi. 

They tested the Eargo 5 for several weeks in various indoor and outdoor environments. They were most interested to see whether the Eargo 5 could improve their hearing experience, and whether it was comfortable and inconspicuous.

What is the Eargo 5?

The Eargo 5 is an FDA-registered hearing aid that offers a personalized hearing experience. It allows users to make adjustments to sound preferences via the Eargo app, which also provides direct access to hearing professionals when assistance is required. 

How to use the Eargo 5

The Eargo 5 is a user-friendly device with an easy setup, thanks to an illustrated quick-start guide. The hearing aids require four hours of charging prior to use. Users then find the ideal fit by selecting their preferred tips, also called petals. The package includes open and closed petals in two sizes. Users may transition between petal types based on their environment or subjective hearing needs.

Once the Eargo hearing devices are placed in the ears, users perform a hearing screening with the Eargo app. Next, users set up their hearing preferences based on the evaluation. Users then adjust the hearing settings on the app, or they can transition through four preset programs by tapping the Eargo 5 hearing aids. At the end of the day or between uses, users place Eargo 5 hearing aids in the wireless charger to recharge. 

Key features of the Eargo 5

The Eargo 5 is equipped with cutting-edge technology that promises to improve the hearing experience. Additionally, Eargo aims to make the user experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Sound match

The Eargo app helps users find their ideal hearing settings through Sound Match, a 10-minute screening process that evaluates the user’s hearing at different frequencies.

Small size

The Eargo 5 is the company’s smallest model to date, as well as one of the smallest in-canal hearing aids on the market. It has a discreet, barely visible design. 

User support

The Eargo app allows users to connect with hearing professionals on their own schedule, either through messaging, calls or video chat.

Easy adjustments

Users can quickly transition between settings or adjust noise reduction, either through Eargo 5’s tap-activated preset programs or through the Eargo app. 

Easy recharging

The Eargo 5 has a contactless charging unit that now uses magnets instead of contact pins. Since the hearing devices are rechargeable, users don’t need to replace batteries every two weeks as required by other hearing aids. 

Eargo 5 compared to the Eargo Neo HiFi

The Eargo 5 is a step up from the Eargo Neo HiFi, most notably in terms of sound quality. The Eargo 5 offers a clearer sound experience, which includes a noticeable reduction in the “tinny” tones that we experienced with the Eargo Neo HiFi. 

The Eargo 5 is smaller than the Eargo Neo HiFi, making it a more discreet option. The fit quality is slightly different with the Eargo 5 due to retooled petal designs, which some users found more comfortable than the Flexi TetraPalm petals used on the Eargo Neo HiFi.

Eargo 5 price

The Eargo 5 retails for $2,950; however, it is sometimes on sale for $2,650. 

The box includes two devices, tips and caps, a wireless charger, a power cable, an adapter and device cleaning tools. 

Users can try the Eargo 5 for 45 days, and if they’re not completely satisfied, they can return it for a full refund. The Eargo 5 is covered by a two-year warranty that includes unlimited repairs and one-time loss or damage coverage. It’s backed with lifetime support from Eargo’s hearing professionals.

Where is the Eargo 5 sold?


The Eargo 5 is available for purchase through Amazon and Eargo.

Eargo 5 benefits

The Eargo 5 offers an enjoyable user experience thanks to several features, including easy setup and quick adjustments through an intuitive app. It delivers a quality sound experience with a high level of clarity in most environments, and it’s effective at minimizing tinny or metallic sounds. Compared to other hearing aids we’ve tried, the Eargo 5 is more comfortable to wear, and given its small size, it’s more discreet than others. The Eargo 5’s rechargeable battery makes it a no-fuss, low-maintenance device as well. 

Eargo 5 drawbacks

The Eargo 5 picks up background noise that our brain is still learning to filter out. This was most noticeable with airplane engines, kissing and looping face-mask straps onto our ears. Sharp or piercing noises were prominent, so we didn’t have optimal hearing experiences in certain noisy environments. 

To use the Eargo 5, users must have a smartphone running on iOS version 12 or later, or Android 7 or later. 

Should you get the Eargo 5?

Based on our experience, we feel the Eargo 5 hearing aids live up to their promise for an improved hearing experience through tailored settings and a comfortable, low-profile design. They are suitable for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, particularly those who are looking for a hearing aid that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives.


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