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Red cedarwood is the best material for barrel saunas. It’s naturally rot- and insect-resistant, and it provides superior insulation.

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Which barrel saunas are best?

You don’t have to be a member of an exclusive gym or go to an expensive spa to experience a sauna. Heat therapy can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own barrel sauna if you have the outdoor space and skill to assemble it yourself.

These barrel-shaped structures transform your backyard into a spa experience and offer both relaxation and health benefits. Our buying guide can tell you what you need to know before purchasing a barrel sauna. We’ve also included our top recommendations, like the Barrel Sauna Igloo Kit, an attractive, well-designed sauna that can fit up to eight people.

What to know before you buy a barrel sauna

Heat source

  • Wood: Traditional saunas are heated by a wood-burning stove. This creates a low-humidity heat and a pleasant, authentic aroma. However, the temperature of this heating method is unregulated, and burning wood can be expensive, though sauna purists feel it’s worth it. 
  • Electric: Electric heaters offer low humidity and high temperatures. This type of heat source is easy to operate, and some electric heaters can even be synced with your smart devices. The downside is that it raises your energy bill.  
  • Gas: Gas heating for barrel saunas is less common because the cost of installation, operation, and upkeep are prohibitively expensive, not to mention complicated. However, if you’re passionate about having a gas-operated heating source, this is an option.
  • Infrared: A newer heating technology, infrared heat doesn’t warm the air in your barrel sauna but rather emits wavelengths in the infrared spectrum that penetrate your body and heat you up from the inside out. Though this sounds strange, infrared radiation is safe and works at lower temperatures.


Barrel saunas are defined by their barrel-turned-on-its-side shape. They come in different sizes that can fit anywhere from two to eight people. Consider your household size before buying, as well as if you plan to lay down in your sauna, which takes up extra space.

What to look for in a quality barrel sauna

Bench type

All barrel saunas come with a bench inside for you to sit or recline on. The simplest designs consist of horizontal slats of wood; others offer more ergonomic designs with back support. If you plan on laying down in your sauna, be sure the bench can accommodate that position.


To get into the sauna, you enter through a door at one end of the barrel. Doors can be wooden or glass. Consider what level of privacy you desire when selecting a door — solid wood offers the most, where glass offers the least but allows for a view.


A window in a sauna is a nice way to enjoy an outdoor view while staying toasty and warm on the inside. Windows can also help mitigate claustrophobia. Be aware that if your sauna features a window, it’s less private, if you’re sweating in the buff.


Many barrel saunas come with accessories like a water bucket and ladle for steam, sauna rocks, footrests, and a thermometer. Not all saunas include these perks, so check before you make a purchase or you may have to buy them separately.

Front porch

Some saunas feature a “front porch,” which is a platform extending out from the front of the sauna where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air after your heat therapy. Some of these are canopied and have built-in benches.

How much you can expect to spend on a barrel sauna

For a small barrel sauna that fits between two and four people, expect to pay between $5,000 and $6,000. Larger saunas that fit up to eight people cost between $6,000 and $9,000, with high-end models reaching $15,000.

Barrel sauna FAQ

What are the advantages of having a barrel-shaped versus a rectangular sauna?

A. The barrel shape is intentional to eliminate unused air space, which can collect in the corners of rectangular saunas. The rounded ceiling also helps push hot air that has risen to the top back down into the lower realms of the sauna where you’re sitting.

How hot does it get in a barrel sauna?

A. Temperatures in a barrel sauna generally reach up to 170°F. As your skin temperature rises, your body begins to sweat, which has detoxifying and mood-enhancing qualities. However, there are many risks associated with saunas, like dehydration, so check with your healthcare practitioner before using a sauna.

What are the best barrel saunas to buy?

Top barrel sauna Barrel Sauna Igloo Kit Barrel Sauna Igloo Kit 

Our take: With its unique cabin-like design, you’ll feel right at home in this luxury sauna.

What we like: Features two rooms: a changing room and sauna. Almost seven feet tall at its peak and can fit eight people. Includes Harvia heater and plenty of accessories.

What we dislike: While shipping is free, it can take three to five weeks for the sauna to arrive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top barrel sauna for the money

Allwood Barrel Sauna

Allwood Barrel Sauna

Our take: A cozy, reasonably priced barrel sauna in a classic design with lots of accessories.

What we like: High-quality wood construction. Fits up to 4 people.

What we dislike: Quarters may feel tight if you’re tall due to the six-foot diameter.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ALEKO Outdoor White Pine Barrel Steam Sauna

ALEKO Outdoor White Pine Barrel Steam Sauna

Our take: A sleek, modern barrel sauna featuring a canopied front porch. 

What we like: White pine gives off a modern, Scandinavian aesthetic. Includes basic accessories, plus extras like a sand timer and sauna lamp. ETL certified heater can reach up to 194°F.

What we dislike: The glass door and two windows don’t offer much privacy but are ideal if you’re claustrophobic.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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