Best gold hoop earrings


Besides yellow and white gold, many hoop earrings are now available in rose gold. Its romantic pink color, which complements all skin tones, is made by mixing copper with gold.

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Which gold hoop earrings are best?

Gold hoop earrings are timeless, elegant and sophisticated. They’re nothing short of an essential piece of any jewelry collection, and for many wearers, it’s worth investing in more than one pair.

There are countless styles of gold hoop earrings, including affordable gold-tone hoops, as well as luxurious diamond-studded styles. If you’re looking for a versatile pair that can be dressed up or down, Italian Gold Omega Back Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold are the top choice. 

What to know before you buy gold hoop earrings

Types of gold hoop earrings

In the world of gold hoop earrings, gold isn’t the only metal type they’re made with. In fact, the term “gold hoop earrings” includes gold-tone, gold-plated and vermeil earrings. 

  • Real gold earrings are between 10-24 karats. The higher the karat, the purer the gold is. That’s not to say that 10-14 karat gold isn’t worth buying. In fact, it’s a better option for many wearers because it’s harder and more durable.
  • Gold-plated hoop earrings feature gold coatings over lower-quality metals, like brass or copper. They look strikingly similar to real gold, only they have a more durable construction and are a fraction of the price.
  • Vermeil gold earrings are made with gold and other precious metals, like pure or sterling silver. These pieces are often classified as fine jewelry, and depending on their construction, they may be more expensive than some gold-plated jewelry.
  • Gold-tone hoop earrings aren’t actually made with gold. Instead, they have gold-colored coatings. Better-quality styles look like real gold, though upon closer inspection, it’s obvious they’re not real. However, they’re a mainstay in affordable, everyday fashion. 

Cleaning gold hoop earrings

To keep gold hoop earrings looking their best, you’ll need to clean them properly. Because they may be made with more than one type of metal, you’ll need to clean them appropriately so as not to damage them. 

Real gold earrings without gemstones can be cleaned with high-quality dish soap and water. Gold-tone earrings, on the other hand, may be cleaned with lemon juice or baking soda. There are some ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines that can clean some, but not all, gold hoops. However, if you’re unsure of how to clean your earrings, particularly fine gold pieces, get them professionally cleaned by a jeweler. 

What to look for in quality gold hoop earrings

White gold vs. yellow gold

White gold is known for its cool, white color and luster. Because it’s alloyed with strong metals, like nickel and zinc, it’s more durable than white gold. However, white gold needs to be replated every several years to maintain its luster, and because it contains nickel, it may trigger allergic actions in some wearers.

Yellow gold, on the other hand, is appreciated for its warm tone. The overall style of yellow gold hoops is timeless and versatile, particularly simple or traditional hoop styles. One of the drawbacks of yellow gold, however, is that it’s soft and prone to bending or denting. 


Gold hoop earrings are available in several finishes, with polish and satin among the most popular. Rustic styles often have a hammer finish whose pattern resembles little pebbles, whereas some modern styles have distressed finishes with fine textures that add dimension. Certain gold hoops feature more than one finish in their designs as well. 

Embellished gold hoop earrings

Fashion gold hoops may be embellished with rhinestones, charms, chains, tassels or other affordable materials. Fine gold hoops, as well as many gold-plated and vermeil hoops, may be adorned with diamonds or gemstones. Generally speaking, the more expensive the embellishments are, the more expensive the hoop earrings will be. 

How much you can expect to spend on gold hoop earrings

Affordable gold hoops, which mostly include gold-tone styles, cost $50 and below. Gold-plated and vermeil styles typically cost $75 and above, and real gold hoops cost anywhere from $100-$2,000, depending on the designer and which embellishments they have. 

Gold hoop earrings FAQ

What types of necklaces should I wear with gold hoop earrings?

A. Gold hoop earrings can be worn with most gold-tone necklaces and pearl strands. However, you may wish to opt for a certain hoop size, depending on the necklace style. Smaller hoops, for example, tend to look better with most necklaces. Larger hoops can be worn as well if you prefer a statement jewelry look. 

I have a pair of real gold hoop earrings. Can they be repaired if they break?

A. A qualified jeweler can repair gold hoop earrings and other jewelry. However, if they need to add gold to repair the earrings, as opposed to stretching it, you may need to pay for the cost of the repair as well as the cost of the gold. 

What’re the best gold hoop earrings to buy?

Top gold hoop earrings

Italian Gold Omega Back Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold

Italian Gold Omega Back Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold

What you need to know: Simple and chic, these 14K gold hoops have a clean and versatile aesthetic that compliments any outfit. 

What you’ll love: The earrings have an omega backing that is comfortable and secure. The near-seamless design is contemporary and stylish. Many wearers agree they’re the ideal size for everyday wear. 

What you should consider: Some wearers felt the hoops were light and delicate, and to some extent, prone to damage. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top gold hoop earrings for the money

Anne Klein Classic Tapered Gold-Tone Hoop Earrings

Anne Klein Classic Tapered Gold-Tone Hoop Earrings

What you need to know: Made by a favorite fashion brand, these tapered gold earrings are a versatile size that coordinates well with most gold-tone necklaces. 

What you’ll love: While they’re lightweight and comfortable, these earrings are remarkably durable. They hold up well to everyday wear and don’t dent or scratch easily. The tapered design is ideal for modern-casual looks. 

What you should consider: Several wearers would have preferred a lobster clasp over click-top closure. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Macy's Large Patterned Teardrop Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold Vermeil

Macy’s Large Patterned Teardrop Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold Vermeil

What you need to know: A modern spin on classic gold hoops, this teardrop pair has fine etchings that give them personality and pizzazz. 

What you’ll love: The hoops are coated in 14K gold and have an elegant luster. They feature gold etchings that capture the light without being as bold or overpowering as rhinestones or gemstones. The pair is lightweight and suitable for all-day wear.

What you should consider: A few wearers liked the style but felt the size was too large for anything more than casual wear. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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