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Which women’s leather gloves are best?

Women’s fashion isn’t always practical, but women’s leather gloves are an exception to this rule. Not only do women’s leather gloves complement nearly any wardrobe, but they also offer practical benefits to the wearer. Leather gloves are durable, protective, and often warm enough for chilly temperatures. If you’re looking for a classically designed pair of leather gloves that are also convenient to wear, check out our top choice, the isotoner Women’s Classic Stretch Leather Gloves.

What to know before you buy women’s leather gloves


Women’s leather gloves generally come in three varieties: wrist, gauntlet and coat lengths.

  • Wrist length: Wrist length gloves reach all the way to the wrist bone and provide coverage around the heel of the hand. These gloves are the shortest option, though they can be an inch longer or shorter.
  • Gauntlet variety: These gloves vary in length, but most of them go beyond the wearer’s wrist to around halfway up the forearm. Gauntlet-length gloves offer a lot of protection against the elements. They also make for convenient driving gloves.
  • Coat length: These gloves are usually as long as, if not longer than, gauntlet variety gloves. What makes them different is that they have a wider opening.


To determine the right size of a women’s leather glove, the first thing you need to do is measure the circumference of the widest part of your hand. Once you have this measurement, round it up to the nearest half-inch. For example, if your hand measures 6.5 inches around, you should round it up to a size 7 glove.

Women’s gloves tend to be between 6-8.5 inches. The specific sizes may vary between brands, but are generally as follows:

  • Extra-small gloves: 6 inches
  • Small gloves: 6.5 inches
  • Medium to medium-large gloves: 7 to 7.5 inches
  • Large gloves: 8 inches and up

Some leather gloves have extra padding inside, which may affect the fit of the glove. If a glove does have extra padding, it may be necessary to go up a size.


Although women’s leather gloves are made from leather, there are different types of leather available. The type of leather will determine how soft, durable and flexible the gloves are.

One of the most common types of leather in women’s gloves is cowhide. Cowhide is usually thicker than other types of leather, meaning it also is quite strong and durable. Gloves made from cowhide leather are puncture-resistant and best for casual wear and general protection. On the downside, cowhide leather gloves have limited breathability, especially if they have a tight fit.

Lambskin, on the other hand, is a lot softer and thinner than cowhide. This type of leather glove may require some getting used to, but it is a great choice for women who want softer gloves. Lambskin is lightweight and durable and is most often used in high-end leather gloves and other products. It does stain easily, however, and is not recommended for casual wear.

Another, less expensive alternative to lambskin is goatskin. This material is coarser than lambskin, but more durable. Deerskin is another durable alternative to lambskin leather.

For those who want something that looks like real leather but isn’t, there are also women’s faux leather gloves available.

What to look for in quality women’s leather gloves


Women’s leather gloves often come in shades of brown, tan or grey. This is due to the type of leather used in the glove, as well as how the manufacturer chooses to dye them.

Dyeing leather requires several steps and can result in chic color options ranging from orange and scarlet to purple and blue. Some people prefer dyed leather since it offers more variety and the option to mix and match gloves with other parts of their wardrobe. However, if you want something that looks more authentic, stick with gloves that haven’t been dyed.


Trim refers to specific design elements in the glove. These can range from simple stitching along the seams to any zippers, buttons or fur that adorn the glove. The trim is important because it can drastically alter the style and function of the glove.

For example, women’s leather gloves that are lined with cashmere or fleece offer extra warmth and comfort. These are great for the winter since they help insulate the hands and keep out the cold. However, they may be uncomfortable to wear indoors or in warmer temperatures.

Other leather gloves have extra fabric that is stitched together at strategic locations, particularly around the fingers and palm. This provides additional reinforcement to the glove, as well as durability and grip.

Additional features

  • Liner: Some women’s leather gloves have liners for fashion and an added layer of comfort. Common liners are made from real or faux fur, both of which are great for protecting the hands and wrists from the cold or wind.
  • Cuff: Some women’s gloves have cuffs with buttons, a strap or are elastic. Usually these features allow the wearer to adjust the fit of the gloves.
  • Full fingered vs. fingerless gloves: Although most women’s leather gloves provide full coverage, a few options are fingerless.
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Many modern-day gloves come with a patch of conductive fabric that allows the wearer to operate their smartphone or other touchscreen devices without removing the gloves. This is particularly useful in cooler temperatures or when it would be a hassle to take off and put on the gloves multiple times.
  • Reinforced palms and fingers: This added feature provides extra grip. It may also help the wearer sense the road better while driving.

How much you can expect to spend on women’s leather gloves

The price of women’s leather gloves falls between $20-$200, though some luxury gloves may be more expensive. A standard pair of inexpensive leather gloves will cost around $30, while mid-range options with more unique designs and extra features may cost up to $65.

Women’s leather gloves FAQ

How can I take care of my leather gloves?

A. Always let the gloves air out after wearing them. Even though some leather gloves are water-resistant, moisture can still discolor or potentially damage them if they’re not properly aired out. Never use direct heat on the gloves though, as this could cause the leather to crack. For extra care, use leather conditioner on the gloves to protect the surface from stains and add to their longevity.

How can I prevent stretching my gloves?

A. One of the best ways to prevent the leather from stretching is to purchase the correct size glove. If the glove is too small or large, it could cause stress on the material at certain points, thus leading to wear and tear on the stitching.

What are the best women’s leather gloves to buy?

Top women’s leather gloves

Isotoner Women's Classic Stretch Leather Gloves

Isotoner Women’s Classic Stretch Leather Gloves

What you need to know: These stylish gloves are made with 100 percent genuine leather in the shell and are perfect for casual wear, especially in the winter.

What you’ll love: This pair of leather gloves comes with smarTouch technology, which allows the wearer to easily operate any touchscreen device. The fleece lining offers more softness and warmth for cooler temperatures. With three colors to choose from, these gloves match well with most any outfit.

What you should consider: The spandex material provides a tight fit, but may snag.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women’s leather gloves for the money

Alepo Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves

Alepo Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves

What you need to know: These genuine sheepskin leather gloves are supple and comfortable, which makes them ideal for outdoor strolls and driving.

What you’ll love: Along with being flexible, these gloves have wrist cuffs that keep out cold air. The gloves themselves are lined with cashmere and come in five different colors.

What you should consider: The dye of the gloves may transfer to clothing on the first couple of uses

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FOWNES Women's Cashmere Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves

FOWNES Women’s Cashmere Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves

What you need to know: Coming in several colors, these 100 percent lambskin leather gloves are touchscreen-compatible, soft and comfortable for long-term wear.

What you’ll love: They are lined with soft cashmere and are extra-long for those who want more complete coverage. These gloves are also great for driving or casual days out.

What you should consider: They are not waterproof and should not be exposed to moisture.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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