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Which ‘Moana’ backpacks are best?

“Moana” is a Disney film which tells the story of a young girl destined to lead the people in the Polynesian village of Motunui, having been born the daughter of their chief. Moana, however, is called by the ocean and has dreams of exploring the open sea and discovering what lies beyond the horizon. Moana’s story is an inspirational tale of the power of courage, family and friendship. As a Disney princess, Moana makes a wonderful role model for children due to her kindness and tenacity. Her character teaches children that they can overcome adversity and to be strong and believe in themselves. 

The Disney Kids Moana backpack is an excellent accessory for fans of the film, featuring Moana and Pua on the front zippered pocket and including a mesh bottle holder on each side. A great size for young children, this officially licensed and lightweight Disney backpack is sure to make your kids excited to pack their pencil case and lunches for school.

What to know before you buy a ‘Moana’ backpack


The sizing and weight of your child’s “Moana” backpack is important because it will impact their comfort level and their ability to carry it, as well as provide the space for standard-sized school supplies like notebooks and folders to meet classroom requirements. Ideally, the backpack you select should rest approximately two inches below their shoulders and up to four inches below their waistline. 

While these sizes vary from child to child, at age 4 an ideal backpack will measure around 11 inches long and 6 inches wide. By age seven, 13 inches is the average length for most backpacks. It increases gradually with age as they grow. Refer to sizing charts online for further information on selecting the best size for your child.


A child’s backpack needs to be made of a fabric which is thick enough and durable enough to resist wear and tear from being dragged around school, dropped frequently, spills from lunches, inclement weather and rough handling. Most nylon and canvas backpacks are suited to young children and can usually be washed in the machine on a cold water wash and laid flat to dry.

Disney princess merchandise

For children who truly love Disney princesses, toys and films, these Disney costumes are a wonderful gift that will keep them entertained and using their imagination for hours on end. Encourage their creativity with a dress-up wardrobe that allows them to be their favorite Disney character at home. Children learn best through this kind of imaginative play; they work out complicated feelings by playing out scenarios with their siblings and friends. 

What to look for in a quality ‘Moana’ backpack


An ideal layout for a children’s backpack needs to include several key features, particularly in regards to the size, placement and number of pockets. The main compartment should be large enough to accommodate their school reading and writing materials, standard size folders, their lunches, a change of clothing and other personal items. A side water bottle pouch is a requirement, as is a larger front pocket to hold items that need to be accessed quickly and easily, like pens and pencils.


Some useful accessories to pair with children’s backpacks include matching pencil cases, lunch bags, water bottles, bento boxes and keychains that can hold a small bottle of hand sanitizer or favorite charm. While some backpacks are sold in sets that may include a combination of those items, many sell them separately in coordinating prints so you can complete the theme.


Backpacks are sold with several closure styles depending on the size and style you’re going for. Some feature magnetic buttons on a flap top, some backpacks are secured with drawstrings and many standard backpacks are zippered. There are also combination backpacks which offer several closure styles in one. For a child’s backpack, a zippered closure is the most secure option to help keep their belongings intact.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Moana’ backpack 

On the lower end, expect to spend as little as $20 for a “Moana” backpack. On the higher end, an officially licensed Disney backpack can cost $45 and up, depending on fabric, size, print and included accessories.

‘Moana’ backpack FAQ

What’s the best size for a daycare backpack and a primary backpack?

A. The more basic rule when sizing a backpack for your very young child is that it shouldn’t be larger than their back. While this isn’t always possible, particularly in situations where the teacher has requested a specific size to hold their school paperwork, aim to choose the closest size backpack to their frame.

How long can I expect my child’s backpack to last?

A. It depends on the size of the backpack you select, the fabric and how it is handled. If you’re purchasing a smaller daycare backpack for your child, they will need a standard-size backpack for school materials by primary school or kindergarten. If you’re buying a size up so they can use it for a longer period of time, ensure you select a backpack with a thicker, sturdier material as thinner backpacks will show wear relatively quickly.

What are the best ‘Moana’ backpacks to buy?

Top ‘Moana’ backpack

Disney Kids Moana Backpack

Disney Kids Moana Backpack

What you need to know: This pastel island-themed officially licensed Disney “Moana” backpack features Moana and Pua with a cute Pua zipper accessory on the front pouch that kids will love.

What you’ll love: This backpack is ideally sized and arranged for very young school-aged children, with a large main compartment, a large front-zippered pocket and two mesh water bottle holders.

What you should consider: A very small number of reviewers found the image of Moana slightly grainy up-close.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top ‘Moana’ backpack for the money

Disney Animator’s Collection Backpack

Disney Animator’s Collection Backpack

What you need to know: This absolutely gorgeous Disney Animator’s Collection backpack features Moana and a number of other Disney characters on durable faux leather for a longer-lasting backpack.

What you’ll love: The showstopping design of this backpack is very eye-catching, it features a zippered closure with a fold over flap top, has soft cushioned shoulder straps and includes a water bottle holder and front pocket. 

What you should consider: One customer had an issue with the main zipper, and it didn’t solely feature “Moana” characters.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Set of 2 Disney Moana 10" X 14" Drawstring Backpack

Set of 2 Disney Moana 10″ X 14″ Drawstring Backpack

What you need to know: This budget-friendly “Moana” backpack is a small-sized backpack for younger kids who need to carry fewer materials to school and features drawstrings.

What you’ll love: The bold print of this backpack is an instant hit for fans of “Moana,” and the price is unbeatable.

What you should consider: The fabric might show more wear and tear than competitor options.

Where to buy: Amazon


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