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Are Movado or Samsung smartwatches best? 

As technology becomes more integrated with everyday life, many people have begun connecting their smartphones to smartwatches. If you’re looking to get your own smartwatch or buy one for a friend, two popular brands are Movado and Samsung. Each brand has its own unique advantages and disadvantages that set them apart from one another. 

Samsung has more powerful devices and offers extra features, while Movado focuses more on style and serving as an extension of a smartphone. Both brands have smartwatches available for purchase on Amazon.

Movado smartwatch

Movado smartwatches provide several style options and run its technology on Wear OS by Google. The devices have high-level functionality and easy-to-understand interfaces that help you stay on top of your fitness data and notifications. 

Movado smartwatch pros

What Movado excels at above all else is design and fashion. As a watch company first, the products sold come in different styles, with unique bands that fit nicely with both formal and casual outfits. This extends to the watch face itself as well. You can customize the display on the watch face with different background colors and dial designs.

At the same time, the company has built its smartwatches to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. With Google’s Wear OS, the smartwatch connects to mobile devices to display phone calls, text messages, apps and other notifications. The smartwatch also has built-in GPS tracking to maintain locational awareness even when camping or hiking.

Movado products also come with a number of health and fitness tracking features. The devices can monitor your heart rate, track steps and connect directly with Google Fit to manage workouts and other health data. Movado smartwatches are also incredibly durable with the watch face protected by Gorilla Glass crystal.

Finally, Movado smartwatches are a more affordable option, costing less than both versions of the newest line of products from Samsung. 

Movado smartwatch cons

One of the biggest downsides when considering Movado is the fact that the company discontinued its line of smartwatches. So, while there are several models still available, all of them are likely used or refurbished. This may dissuade you from getting a smartwatch from this company, given there will be no future software updates or upgraded models from Movado anytime soon.

Furthermore, the devices lack the same number of features that Samsung offers. Movado doesn’t have the software capabilities to track several additional fitness metrics, such as blood oxygen levels or sleep data. The company is using Wear OS by Google instead of Wear OS by Samsung, which many users have reported as being a superior version of the operating system.

Movado watches also lack the same level of battery life that other smartwatches have. While the company claims the device can last a full day with regular use, many users have reported between just 8 to 10 hours of use before having to recharge. 

Best Movado smartwatch

Movado Connect 2.0

The only Movado smartwatch model available for purchase is the Movado Connect 2.0. This product comes in several designs and strap materials at an affordable price. The watch is also part of the last line sold by Movado.

Samsung smartwatch

Samsung smartwatches excel in technology and performance above all else. The electronics company is now on its fourth generation of watches and continues to add new features and improve its software.

Samsung smartwatch pros

The biggest upside to buying a Samsung product is the technology. Powered by Samsung’s version of Wear OS, all devices are compatible with both Android and iOS. Furthermore, the smartwatches are equipped with several advanced health and fitness tracking features. Along with tracking steps and heart rate, the newest generation of devices monitor blood oxygen levels, elevated activity tracking and recognition and new sleep measuring tech.

Samsung watches also have integrated apps that can help you pay for goods, play music, get directions and much more. A major feature that the smartwatches have is the option for independent LTE connection, making it easier to use the watch to surf the internet or use web-connected apps even without being paired to a phone.

While not designed with the same fashion eye as Movado, Samsung also has several different style options. The company has dozens of strap materials including leather, stainless steel, silicone and fabric. You can easily interchange the straps to help the watch perfectly match with any outfit you wear.

Samsung smartwatch cons

The largest downside for Samsung comes from the price. The newest model can cost over $400, which is markedly higher than Movado’s Connect 2.0. If you’re shopping for a smartwatch while on a budget, this can be a major deterrent from choosing this brand. However, even though its highest-quality option is expensive, Samsung does sell more affordable smartwatches as well.

Another downside for Samsung is the battery life. While at least on par with Movado, the smartwatches don’t last for more than 8-12 hours with regular use, which is well below some of its competitors. If you’re an active smartwatch user, this will certainly make a major difference in what product you end up buying.

Best Samsung smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm Smartwatch

The best Samsung smartwatch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46 mm Smartwatch. This watch comes with all the latest features as well as different watch face displays.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40 mm Smartwatch

A more affordable model from the same generation of devices is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40 mm Smartwatch. While smaller and with slightly less functionality, this product costs over $100 less.

Should you get a Movado or Samsung smartwatch?

Both Movado and Samsung offer functional smartwatches with sleek designs and clean interfaces. For users who are more focused on fashion, the Movado smartwatch is a solid choice that will stand up to impact and scratching. However, Samsung offers smartwatches with better technology, more health tracking features and options with comparable pricing.

Samsung has superior products that you should consider buying over Movado. 

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