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Fjällräven isn’t just a backpacking and casual wear brand. It also offers gear for hunting, mountaineering, alpine trekking and ski touring.

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Which Fjällräven pants are best?

At one point or another, everyone who starts to get serious about their outdoor activities usually gravitate toward Fjällräven. While known for its top-of-the-line packs, Fjällräven also has high-quality outdoor clothing options. It isn’t always easy to find comfortable outdoor pants, especially not ones that are fashionable, but Fjällräven has achieved both. 

If you’re looking for the best overall pants from Fjällräven, High Coast Lite Trousers in men’s and women’s styles are the top choice.

What to know before you buy Fjällräven pants

What elements do you hike in?

While Fjällräven was originally made for the colder Swedish climate, it also has several warm weather pants options. Hikers often complain about pants being too warm or constricting, but those who have sworn off outdoor pants for shorts or leggings may want to reconsider. Fjällräven has options to keep you as cool or warm as you need to be.

What is your experience level?

Buying Fjällräven pants is an investment in quality for the serious outdoor adventurer. If you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, Fjällräven makes products that deliver your money’s worth.

What is your main activity?

Fjällräven offers a variety of options for every adventurer’s needs. Whether you’re looking for hunting, trekking, or mountaineering pants, Fjällräven likely has something specific for your needs.

What to look for in quality Fjällräven pants


Fjällräven pants are constructed of high quality materials and hardware, making them durable and long-lasting. Many have reinforced seams and knees, as well as niceties like ventilation zippers, adjustable straps, and boot loops and hooks. Like any good piece of your outdoor kit, Fjällräven pants are an investment.

Range of lengths and fits

If you have trouble finding pants that fit, Fjällräven has you covered. With short, normal and long lengths on most of their pants, you can get a better fit than with some other outdoor brands. A variety of styles and cuts are available as well.


Many Fjällräven products are made with its own hard-wearing Fjällräven G-1000 outdoor fabric. Each product is made to be very durable, making them sustainable through their long wear. Whether you need ultra-breathable or heavily-insulated pants, Fjällräven has a product to fit your most specific needs.

How much you can expect to spend on Fjällräven pants

While Fjällräven pants can range from $100-$500, you can generally expect to pay $125-$225 for a good outdoor pair.

Fjällräven pants FAQ

What pants are best for multiple activities?

A. While Fjällräven makes a number of activity-specific pants, you may not want to invest in multiple pairs. Fjällräven has a line of pants for what they call “Everyday Outdoor” activities. Unless you are participating in something extreme with specific requirements, a pair of pants from the “Everyday Outdoor” section may suit your needs.

How do you care for Fjällräven pants?

A. Always check the manufacturer’s label for care instructions, as these can differ between items. Note whether your Fjällräven pants have any waterproofing or Eco-Shell components, as these items can eventually lose their water resistance. You can tell if this has happened if water no longer beads on the item and instead soaks in.

For items that have lost their waterproofing, look for a water repellent spray that is free of fluorocarbons and/or PFC. While there are a number of brands on the market, Fjällräven offers a quality water repellent spray meant for use with their products.

What are the best Fjällräven pants to buy?

Top Fjällräven pants

Fjällräven Keb Trousers

Fjällräven Keb Trousers

What you need to know: This is the most popular line of Fjällräven pants and a great choice for most outdoor activities.

What you’ll love: These pants have a roomy cut, and their durable materials help keep you protected on even the roughest terrain. With a variety of lengths and widths, you’re sure to find a style you like.

What you should consider: At around $225, casual hikers may not wish to make the investment.

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry in men’s and women’s styles and Amazon in men’s and women’s styles

Top Fjällräven pants for the money

Fjällräven High Coast Lite Trousers

Fjällräven High Coast Lite Trousers

What you need to know: If you’re looking for multipurpose outdoor pants that can also be worn casually, the High Coast is a great choice at a lower cost than other styles.

What you’ll love: By Fjällräven standards, these are relatively affordable. While still hovering around $100, you can cover all your outdoor needs with these pants. A comfortable, regular fit in the waist with a drawstring means you don’t have to worry about your pants restricting your range of motion.

What you should consider: If you’re in colder climates or are sensitive to the cold, you may want a heavier pair of pants.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon in men’s and women’s styles

Worth checking out

Fjällräven Abisko Midsummer Zip Off Trousers

Fjällräven Abisko Midsummer Zip-Off Trousers

What you need to know: If you need the coverage of pants, but tend to run hot, these Fjällräven zip-off trousers hit the sweet spot.

What you’ll love: Unlike traditional hiking zip-off pants, this attractive style can be worn anywhere.

What you should consider: Those who like to be outside in all four seasons may find these don’t provide enough warmth.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon in men’s and women’s styles.


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