Best floral bed sheets


Floral bed sheets will match cottage and farmhouse style decor, will make a bed feel cozier to guests and will add a touch of spring and summer to your bedroom.

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Which floral bed sheets are best?

While floral bed sheets are still perfectly at home in cottage or farmhouse spaces for a calm vintage look, they’re also taking over bolder maximalist decor in surprising ways. Florals are no longer fussy or prim. Instead, they are highly fashionable and inviting. It’s all about how you style it.

The Mellanni Store Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 in Madison purple is made of breathable microfiber that is stain and wrinkle resistant, has deep pockets, includes a lifetime guarantee and is sold for an incredible price for value.

What to know before you buy floral bed sheets


Bed sheets are typically available in a few popular fabrics that will offer different levels of warmth, breathability, washability and wrinkle resistance, depending on what your preferences are. The most common options for bed sheets include cotton, polyester or nylon microfiber, fleece and flannel.

The first criteria for selecting your bed sheets should be choosing the right fabric for you, as it will have the highest impact on your quality of sleep. Each fabric has it’s pros and cons. The decision should come down to the climate where you live and your budget. Cotton is the most common bedding fabric, but it can vary hugely in price depending on the thread count and blend. Flannel and fleece will be the warmest fabrics. The most affordable fabric for bedding is microfiber. It’s also the most forgiving for stain resistance and the easiest to clean.

Deep pockets

Sheets and bedding sets with deep pockets are designed for thicker mattresses or mattresses that have a foam topper so that they will still fit squarely underneath the corners and not ride up while you’re sleeping. Deep pocket sheets measure between 13-17 inches, while extra-deep pocket sheets can measure up to 25 inches deep. When selecting sheets with deep pockets, ensure you’re getting a size that’s large enough to accommodate your mattress but not so large as to be loose and require extra tucking when making your bed.

Prints or solids

If you’re looking for bed sheets that don’t feature a print or pattern, solid or color-blocking sheets can lend a very adult feel to a bedroom that is at once modern and sophisticated. To show your beautiful bedding to its best potential, turn your duvet or coverlet down slightly at the top, fluff your pillows and rest them flat against the headboard, then fold your top sheet neatly over the bedspread about six inches. This allows family and friends to easily turn down their bedding at night while also showcasing a clean, coordinated guest room that will invite them to rest. 

What to look for in quality floral bed sheets

Cooling sheets

A newer feature in the bedding market are bed sheets which offer a cooling effect for warmer climates, summer weather or hot sleepers. These sheets won’t trap body heat or allow sweat and moisture to build up, creating a soothing sleeping environment that helps prevent restlessness, tossing and turning. Cooling sheets are sold in microfiber, linen and percale. Higher-end sheets sometimes even feature eucalyptus fibers which have naturally occurring cooling properties.

Wrinkle resistance

Few things are less inviting than climbing into a bed with wrinkly and messy sheets after a long day. While most people don’t have time to iron their bed sheets nowadays, wrinkle-resistant sheets are emerging as an affordable option in most fabrics that can save you time and increase your comfort. Manufacturers will often state whether their sheets are wrinkle-resistant in the product specifications and it is an often-overlooked feature that is really worth splurging on.

Stain resistance

Stain and fade resistance are other features in quality bed sheets that can pay for themselves over time. If you have children or pets or if you enjoy reading or watching TV in bed with snacks or drinks, stains are inevitable as well. Stain-resistant sheets will be less likely to absorb problem stains permanently and should provide a high level of machine washability. Fade-resistant sheets should maintain their color, pattern and print even after being washed repeatedly. Some sheets offer one or the other, while high-quality bed sheets will often offer both.

How much you can expect to spend on floral bed sheets

The price of your new bed sheets will depend on several factors: the size you need, the fabric you select, the manufacturer and even the print. The average price range for a set of queen microfiber sheets can start as low as $20 and cost upwards of $90 or more.

Floral bed sheets FAQ

What are some tips for folding fitted sheets?

A. Try holding the fitted sheet from the two adjacent corners on the shorter end of the sheet. Put one hand into each corner with the sheet inside out, then bring your right hand over to your left, folding the right corner over the left corner. Next, reach down and grab the adjacent corner that is hanging in front and fold it over the other two corners. Finally, bring the last corner up and fold over the other three. Lay the folded sheet flat to smooth it out, then fold the sheet into a neat rectangle shape with no exposed edges.

How can I prevent my bed sheets from pilling?

A. The best ways to prevent your bed sheets from pilling are to avoid using bleaches and brighteners in your wash, to use cold water washes and to tumble dry on low settings. 

What are the best floral bed sheets to buy?

Top floral bed sheets

Mellanni Store Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800

Mellanni Store Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800

What you need to know: These incredibly popular cult-favorite sheets from Mellanni Store are extra soft and comfy, have deep pockets and are wrinkle resistant.

What you’ll love: These beautiful floral sheets are made of cooling microfiber, available in a number of colors and prints, have 16-inch pockets and are stain- and fade-resistant.

What you should consider: Hot water washing may cause pilling with these sheets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top floral bed sheets for the money

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

What you need to know: These lightweight microfiber floral sheets from Amazon Basics are a pretty, soft and durable sheet set sold for an unbeatable price.

What you’ll love: These sheets are easy to wash and stay cool when sleeping in warmer weather.

What you should consider: These sheets are about 14 inches deep, which might not be deep enough to stay tight under the corners of thicker mattresses or beds with a mattress topper. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Linen Market Store LM Pattern 4pc Queen Sheet Set

Linen Market Store LM Pattern 4pc Queen Sheet Set

What you need to know: These gorgeous floral sheets from Linen Market feel like a high-end sheet set for a bargain price, are super soft and are clearly very well made.

What you’ll love: These sheets are durable, wash well, are cooling, have reasonably deep pockets for thicker mattresses, look beautiful on your bed and are made of a more luxurious wrinkle-free microfiber.

What you should consider: A couple of reviewers felt they were slightly thinner than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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