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Which cotton duvet covers are best?

Cotton duvet covers are like giant pillowcases for your comforter or duvet. Purchasing a duvet cover is an excellent and budget-friendly way to redecorate your room, since duvet covers cost considerably less than new comforters. 

The Hotel Collection 680 Thread Count Supima Cotton Duvet Cover is a stellar cotton duvet cover made with 680 thread count Supima cotton and featuring a simple zipper closure.

What to know before you buy a cotton duvet cover


The most common materials for duvet covers include silk, linen, cotton and polyester microfibers. Cotton is one of the top choices for a duvet cover, since it’s very comfortable, lightweight and cool compared to other materials.

Thread count

The thread count of a duvet cover refers to the measurement of threads in a single square inch of fabric. Thread count matters, but a high thread count doesn’t always translate to high quality. 

Think about whether you prefer the soft, heavy feel of a satiny, silky shirt or the cool crispness of a freshly pressed shirt. A duvet cover with a thread count in the low hundreds but over 200 feels more like a crisp dress shirt, while one with a thread count near 1,000 has an uber-soft, heavy and satiny feel.


It’s important to purchase the right size cover for your comforter or duvet. You can either buy a cover that’s slightly bigger than the insert, the same size as the insert or smaller than the insert. If you buy one that’s slightly smaller than the insert, you can achieve a snug fit, but the cover could shrink in the washing machine and no longer fit.

Cotton duvet covers differ slightly in size, depending on whether they’re meant for a king, queen, full or twin bed. One brand’s king duvet cover may measure 96 by 110 inches, while another king duvet cover might measure 90 by 104 inches. A standard-size king comforter or duvet is 86-88 by 102 inches, so you won’t have difficulty fitting it into a king-size duvet cover, but you might have more trouble with a queen comforter and duvet cover.

One queen duvet cover might measure 96 by 94 inches, while another measures 90 by 90 inches. A standard-size queen comforter measures about 96-100 by 86-88 inches, so the comforter will just barely squeeze into the first cover and won’t fit into the second option.

What to look for in a quality cotton duvet cover


High-quality duvet cover sets come with one or two pillow shams. These shams come in various designs, including some with decorative edging and flanges.


Select duvet covers are reversible, which allows you to redecorate your room without buying a new cover — you can simply flip the cover over for a new pattern or color.


Duvet covers come with different kinds of closures, including snaps, small buttons or discreet zippers. The closure you select comes down to your preference.

How much you can expect to spend on a cotton duvet cover

Cotton duvet covers range in price from about $17-$80. The most inexpensive covers cost about $17-$20, while mid-range covers go for $20-$40 and high-end covers vary in price from $40-$80 or more, depending on the size of the bed you’re looking to cover.

Cotton duvet cover FAQ

How can you keep a comforter from bunching up in a cotton duvet cover?

A. If your duvet cover has ties inside each corner, tie the edges of your duvet into each corner to lay it flat. Another option is sewing ties on each comforter corner, since it lets you secure both the comforter’s and the duvet cover’s ties together. It also decreases the bulk at the duvet cover corners. You might not have to use any fasteners if your comforter fits snugly inside your duvet cover.

What’s the difference between a duvet cover and a duvet?

A. You might be confused about the difference between a duvet cover and a duvet. A duvet is similar to a comforter and refers to what you insert inside the duvet cover. The word “duvet” is derived from the French phrase, “duvet de plumes,” which means “down feathers” in English, since down feathers are a common filling for duvets.

More often than not, duvets are stark white, so they won’t show through the duvet covers. Like comforters, lightweight, warm duvets are sewn with channels or baffle boxes so the filling won’t shift.

What are the best cotton duvet covers to buy?

Top cotton duvet cover

Hotel Collection 680 Thread Count Supima Cotton Duvet Cover

Hotel Collection 680 Thread Count Supima Cotton Duvet Cover

What you need to know: This duvet cover is incredibly soft, luxurious, elegantly designed and composed of Supima cotton.

What you’ll love: This machine-washable duvet cover features a zipper closure and an appealing flange trim with an eyelet border. It’s made of soft, strong Supima cotton and has a 680 thread count.

What you should consider: The color of this cotton duvet cover is not pure white.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top cotton duvet cover for the money

Charter Club Damask Stripe Supima Cotton 550 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set

Charter Club Damask Stripe Supima Cotton 550 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set

What you need to know: This beautiful duvet cover set comes with subtle stripes and goes well with a wide range of decor styles.

What you’ll love: This set features two matching shams and a duvet cover. It’s made of Supima cotton fabric with an elegant striped design and a sateen finish. It’s machine-washable and comes in five colors.

What you should consider: The fabric of this duvet cover could be slightly softer, according to some buyers.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

Lauren Ralph Lauren Spencer Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover

Lauren Ralph Lauren Spencer Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover

What you need to know: This duvet cover is stylish and soft and comes from a trusted brand in 12 colors.

What you’ll love: This cover comes with inside corner ties and is framed with a unique contrasting border for a fun accent. It’s made of 300 thread count, quality cotton with 12 color options, including white, sage, lavender, navy and blue cornflower.

What you should consider: This cover is expensive, and the buttons sometimes come off.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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