VTech baby monitor vs. Infant Optics baby monitor

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If you have a toddler that likes crawling out of the bed to play during nap time, baby monitors allow you to watch them to make sure they aren’t in any harm.

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Are VTech or Infant Optics baby monitors best? 

A baby monitor is such a helpful device. It gives parents peace of mind, since they’re able to see or hear that their baby is resting well. Monitors come in a variety of different options. While some are limited to sound only, others provide video footage. VTech and Infant Optics both have high-quality baby monitors that allow parents to check in on their little ones. Here are a few things to know about these two top baby monitor brands and what they offer before you decide what monitor to buy.

VTech baby monitors 

Vtech is a company that not only makes baby monitors but also phones and business products as well. While they may have other products, they have given a variety of different styles and choices of their baby monitors. The Vtech baby monitors allow households to choose a monitor that best fits their needs. Whether parents are looking for a simple monitor or one a little more advanced, Vtech’s products help parents monitor with ease. Vtech offers monitors that are digital audio only or digital video only and even monitors that are wifi enabled allowing you to watch your baby from anywhere. 

With VTech’s large variety of different monitors this gives households the option of choosing from audio only monitors all the way up to video monitors. The more simple monitors with audio only still provide two-way talk, reduce background noise, have good range, and are cost-effective when looking for a simple monitor. While VTech also has more complex monitors with high-resolution video, night vision, temperature sensors, soothing sounds or lullabies and more.

Overall Vtech baby monitors offer great features for a reasonable price and all have a modern design. These monitors will get the job done if a household is looking for something simple, easy to use the Vtech monitors are just that.  

VTech baby monitor pros

Vtech has reasonable prices, good range and battery life, and is a great option for a quality monitor that can get the job done that parents are looking for. Vtech also offers a variety of different monitors to choose from so that households can choose what fits them best.

VTech baby monitor cons 

While the Vtech monitors have good prices, that means parents will be limited in the features they have with these monitors. The design of VTech’s baby monitors is also simple and users are only given one color option. 

Best VTech baby monitors

VTech RM5754HD Wifi Remote access video baby monitor

VTech RM5754HD Wifi Remote access video baby monitor

This baby monitor allows you to watch your baby from wherever you are with the wifi feature, parents can download an app to monitor from as well. Two-way talkback feature, rechargeable battery, up to 1,000 feet in range, and a night light are some of the great features of this monitor.

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VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor

VTech DM221-2 digital audio baby monitor

This cost-effective baby monitor is a great option for those looking for a monitor with audio only. This monitor has a two-way talk system, clear audio transmission, five level sound indicator, ranging up to 1,000 feet, and rechargeable batteries. 

Sold by Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

VTech VM919HD Video Monitor

VTech VM919HD Video Monitor

This baby monitor comes with a seven-inch color display screen for you to monitor your baby on, with high-quality camera image allowing parents to zoom, pan, or tilt if needed too. This monitor also has a two-way talk system, night vision, and up to 1,000 feet in range.

Sold by Amazon 

Infant Optics baby monitors

The infant optics is a company that’s main product and focus is on baby monitors. Infant optics has quality and modern-looking designs. Their reliable monitors only come with three different options. While infant optics is limited in selection options their choices are so popular they have become one of the top-selling monitors on Amazon. The infant optics monitors all come with a camera and monitor that lets parents see that their baby is okay. 

While limited in options of the Infant Optics customers still have three quality choices. Infant optics three monitors all range in different prices as well as different features so that parents still have a choice of what’s best for them. Infant optics has a simple monitor that gives people the option of having audio and video access, at a reasonable price for the quality of product they will receive. Households are also given the option of monitors with a lot more features and more of a price tag. From night vision, zoom and tilt features, two-way talk systems, the infant optics ensure their customers get quality products with what they pay for. 

Infant optics is a great choice for parents looking for a monitor with more features and everything they might need in one. While they might spend more money on an infant optics monitor compared to other brands, they are paying for quality and features that will be worth the money. 

Infant Optics baby monitor pros 

These monitors are made with great quality, modern design, and include great features that will be helpful when monitoring babies. With good camera quality, different lens options. 

Infant Optics baby monitor cons 

These monitors are limited in options, which gives customers a limited selection to choose from as well as money wise could be considered expensive compared to others. 

Best Infant Optics baby monitors

Infant Optics DXR-6

Infant Optics DXR-6

This simple yet quality monitor has a camera and comes at an affordable price with features of sound-activated LED lights, extended battery life, two-way talk, night vision, and even an alarm function. This monitor is a great option for those looking for a good and small camera monitor. 

Sold by Amazon

Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8

This monitor has a lot of great features including different lens options, night vision, scan mode, two-way talk, temperature sensor, and the option to pan, tilt, and zoom. This monitor is great for a household looking for something compact, with a lot of features that help make monitoring easier. 

Sold by Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

This monitor is much like the DXR-8 but with added features that make it a little more advanced. This monitor has a large display to monitor on, active noise reduction, high-quality video footage and speakers, two-way talk, long-range and more. 

Sold by Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Bed Bath and Beyond 

Should you get a VTech or Infant Optics baby monitor? 

Whichever brand of baby monitors parents choose, they should aim for one that best fits their households needs. While both VTech and Infant Optics offer great products both of their brands are different. If looking for a simple cost effective monitor VTech would be the best choice for parents. However, Infant Optics, while more pricey, offers a lot of features that are worth the money. Infant optics also only has monitors that provide video, so if parents are willing to pay a little more money for a product that will be reliable and useful to ease their mind while their baby rests infant optics is the best choice.


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