Best kid’s vampire costume


There are many different versions of vampire costumes, but all the best ones have long, flowing capes, high collars and fangs.

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Which kids’ vampire costumes are best?

Count Dracula of Transylvania was the most famous vampire of all. Dracula has appeared in many gothic horror films and stories. An entire genre of more than three dozen TV shows has grown up around vampires of all kinds. Vampires are clever, powerful and fearless and the classic ones wear capes. 

If you are looking for a vampire costume for your child, take a look at the Halloween Deluxe Darkness Vampire Costume. Nothing says Dracula more than this complete kid’s vampire costume straight from a Transylvanian castle.

What to know before you buy a kid’s vampire costume

The sizes you see listed on vampire costumes have nothing to do with the sizes your child wears in regular clothing. Manufacturers’ sizing charts are too confusing to be much help. The best way to make sure you get the right size is to consider your child’s height, weight and age and find the size that best overlaps with all three dimensions.

What to look for in a quality kid’s vampire costume

What’s included

The definition of “vampire costume” varies widely. Make sure you look closely at the contents of the package to see what’s included. Do not assume what you see in the picture on the package or online is what you get. Check the fine print. 

All vampire Halloween costumes for kids should include a cape with a high collar. Better vampire costumes will have full-length black capes lined in red. Some include vests and only a few include a shirt. Look for adornments like scepters and medals of royalty. Some girls’ vampire costumes are floor-length, long-sleeved black dresses with high vampire collars. 


  • Vampire fangs. Vampire fangs are a must-have accessory that no good vampire would leave home without. You will find several choices of vampire fangs and teeth online. You can choose from a full set of teeth with fangs or a pack of add-on pointy fangs that slip over your teeth. Most fangs are white, but some come in bright colors and there is even one extra-spooky set of glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs.
  • Vampire blood. Vampire blood makes scary characters even more scary and spooky. Some people use colored vegetable dyes, but most people buying a vampire costume use theatrical blood. Also called stage blood, theatrical blood does not stain skin or clothing and comes in liquids, sprays, gels and bite-down capsules. Most vampires find a small tube of stage blood is enough for an evening, but serious vampire crowds will buy big jugs of fake blood.


A vampire costume is a good start, but you can make your vampire scarier than the others with the use of stage makeup to create dramatic effects. Scary vampires have pale white skin because they are creatures of the night. White face powder creates a nice effect, especially with macabre touches of black, blue and red. You can also buy a full Halloween makeup kit and kits that contain fake scars, fake cuts with stitches and fake tattoos to create your very own personalized version of a vampire.

How much you can expect to spend on a kid’s vampire costume

There are a lot of choices of vampire costumes in the $20-$40 price range. Some deluxe outfits made with better fabrics to last longer cost as much as $100 and more.

Kid’s vampire costume FAQ

Why are the size charts on kids’ vampire costumes so confusing?

A. Costume sizes are different from regular clothing sizes. Costumes are almost always made of lower-quality materials and made in only a few sizes to keep manufacturing costs down. The best way to find a size to fit your child is to take into account the child’s age, height and weight and choose according to all three factors, not just one.

What should my vampire kid use for “blood?”

A. There are many products made for dressing up as vampires. You will find “vampire blood” in liquid, spray and gel forms in 1-ounce tubes and 16-ounce bottles. Check to see that your little vampire’s blood is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

What’s the best kid’s vampire costume to buy?

Top kid’s vampire costume 

JOYIN Halloween Deluxe Darkness Vampire Costume

JOYIN Halloween Deluxe Darkness Vampire Costume

What you need to know: Nothing says vampire more than this regal kid’s vampire costume straight from a Transylvanian castle.

What you’ll love: This complete vampire costume comes with black pants, a white shirt with ruffles on the sleeves and at the neck, a red and black vest with gold trim and buttons, a long black cape with a pointy hem, vampire height collar and a bloodred, full-length lining. The included black and gold scepter completes the look. This kid’s vampire costume comes in sizes for kids from 3 to 10 years old.

What you should consider: This kid’s vampire costume needs to be hand-washed in cold water and line dried. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kid’s vampire costume for the money

Rubie’s Little Vampire Infant Monster Costume

Rubie’s Little Vampire Infant Monster Costume

What you need to know: The black pull-on headpiece with attached vampire ears make this a unique kid’s vampire costume. 

What you’ll love: This kid’s vampire costume is 100% polyester and is designed for pull-on closure. This costume has black pants, a white long sleeve shirt with a printed purple and red vest design, a black cape with a high purple collar and a pull-on widow’s peak headpiece with big pointy ears. Your little kid’s toothless grin instead of fangs makes this vampire one of the friendly ones.

What you should consider: This item requires hand-washing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Spooktacular Royal Vampire Queen Dress-Up Party Dress

Spooktacular Royal Vampire Queen Dress-Up Party Dress

What you need to know: Your child will be the vampire queen in this vintage vampire dress with a high collar, oversized lace bell sleeves and a black ribbon choker with an attached cameo.

What you’ll love: This kid’s vampire costume is made of soft, lightweight and comfortable materials that are easy to wear for hours on end. This glamorous floor-length 100% polyester vampire costume with built-in cape comes in five different sizes, from toddler to extra large. Choose your size with chest and waist measurements.

What you should consider: Personalize this vampire gown with a long black wig, sparkly tiara, scary bracelets and long, bloodred fake fingernails.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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