Best Disney Christmas inflatables


Disney fans can bring their front yards to life this holiday season with a fun Disney Christmas inflatable.

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Which Disney Christmas inflatable is best?

Christmas inflatables are one of the most fun types of holiday yard decor. In an instant, favorite characters — set in amusing scenes, and wearing festive attire — come to life. A favorite in the world of Christmas inflatables are Disney-branded figures. Mickey, Minnie and every other imaginable Disney character can adorn your indoor or outdoor space this holiday season.

We’ve selected The Home Depot’s LED Disney Airblown Mickey and Minnie Scene Christmas Inflatable as our pick for the best Disney Christmas inflatable. Featuring a joyful and steady design, this 6-foot inflatable is a must-have for Disney fans.

What to know before you buy a Disney Christmas inflatable


Christmas inflatables come in nearly every shape and size. Whether you’re decorating a compact patio or a sprawling lawn, there are options to fit every space. As you begin planning out your Christmas decor, measure your space before buying any new decorations. This is especially important with inflatables, since they can reach as much as 12 feet in height. Knowing how much space you have to work with in advance will ensure that every Disney Christmas inflatable that you purchase has a designated spot.

Yard decor theme

Another essential consideration is your decor theme for this holiday season. While there are certainly no rules of thumb when decorating with inflatables, some individuals like to follow a predetermined theme. For example, as you explore available Disney inflatables, you may decide to stick with characters from one movie or franchise. This could include having a yard with only Star Wars, Frozen or classic Disney characters. Since there are so many types of Disney Christmas inflatables available, the only limit is your imagination.

Favorite character(s)

If you do not plan on having a theme, you’ll want to focus on selecting inflatables that depict your favorite Disney characters. Popular characters (such as Mickey, Olaf and Grogu from “The Mandalorian”) are often featured in multiple inflatable designs.

What to look for in a quality Disney Christmas inflatable

Indoor and outdoor use

Christmas inflatables are most commonly used outdoors. However, some inflatables are made for indoor use only. When browsing available designs, choose inflatables that are made for both indoor and outdoor use. This gives you the greatest flexibility in terms of placement. Also, even if you’re planning to use your inflatables indoors, those that are made to withstand outdoor conditions in the winter months are extra durable.

Stable design

One of the most common frustrations with outdoor inflatables is keeping them from falling over. Certain designs are much more prone to being blown over in the wind. Top-quality designs offer stability in a number of ways. Look for characters that have built-in weights at the bottom of the inflatable, and that have sturdy ropes and stakes.


Winter weather can be tough on outdoor inflatables. Ice, snow and cold can take a toll on figures that are not made with durable materials. Always look for inflatables that are built to be used in harsh conditions for at least several years.


Nowadays, the vast majority of Christmas inflatables are designed to be self-inflating. This means that the blower is pre-installed in the figurine, and stays on when plugged in. It is worthwhile, however, to ensure that you do not need to purchase an external blower to keep the inflatable inflated.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney Christmas inflatable

Most Disney Christmas inflatables cost between $30-$180.

Disney Christmas inflatable FAQ

How many Disney Christmas inflatables should I buy?

A. The answer to this is completely up to you. If you have a smaller space, you may only be able to fit one or two. Individuals who have large lawns — and a love of inflatables as holiday decor — can purchase as many as their budget permits.

How do you know if the inflatable is high quality?

A. Always purchase Christmas inflatables from well-known and well-respected brands and retailers to ensure quality.

What’s the best Disney Christmas inflatable to buy?

Top Disney Christmas inflatable

LED Disney Airblown Mickey and Minnie Scene Christmas Inflatable

LED Disney Airblown Mickey and Minnie Scene Christmas Inflatable

What you need to know: In a scene that depicts a festively dressed Mickey and Minnie (alongside their Christmas tree), this pre-lit LED inflatable brings joy and warmth to any yard.

What you’ll love: This spacious inflatable includes two of Disney’s most beloved characters, Mickey and Minnie. From top to bottom, the Christmas tree in the middle of these characters reaches a height of 6 feet. At the bottom, the phrase ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Cheer” pulls the entire look together. This inflatable is lit from the inside, inflates quickly and measures 5 feet in width.

What you should consider: Select individuals say that the anchoring stakes should be heavier.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top Disney Christmas inflatable for the money

Gemmy Five-Foot Christmas Inflatable Mickey Mouse

Gemmy Five-Foot Christmas Inflatable Mickey Mouse

What you need to know: Individuals seeking a simple Disney inflatable will love this 6-foot tall Mickey Mouse figurine.

What you’ll love: Created by the industry-leading brand for festive inflatables, the Gemmy inflatable Mickey Mouse features a fun and durable design. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and has built-in stakes for securing it to the ground. This Disney inflatable inflates in seconds, and is lit from the inside with an energy-efficient LED.

What you should consider: The height can be too tall for smaller spaces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Gemmy Christmas Inflatable Yoda - The Child

Gemmy Christmas Inflatable Yoda – The Child

What you need to know: Star Wars fans who adore “The Mandalorian” television show will love this inflatable depicting The Child (Grogu).

What you’ll love: Commonly referred to as Baby Yoda, this adorable Grogu inflatable is holding a Christmas stocking that has the face of The Mandalorian on the front. The figure is 4.5 feet tall, and lights up from the inside. It is made for both indoor and outdoor use.

What you should consider: The design may be too tall for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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