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The best Christmas onesie pajamas are fun, warm and full of colorful holiday prints and designs. Popular options feature hoods for the head, booties for the feet and elastic cuffs at the wrists.

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Which Christmas onesie pajamas are best?

Christmas fanatics love holiday pajamas, but not just any PJs will do. The material, cut, style and colors all separate the good from the bad and the ugly. There are plenty of options available for this coming holiday season, which can make it challenging to find the very best Christmas pajamas. 

One set of pajamas for Christmas that stands out as the best is the matching Christmas onesie pajamas by Footed Pajamas. This brightly colored set of onesies is available for everyone, from adults and young children to the family dog! This makes buying matching Christmas loungewear for the whole family easy and fun.

What to know before buying Christmas onesie pajamas

Some pajama onesies have attached footies or booties to keep feet warm. Others are open-ended or have elastic at the ankles, so be aware of the options there. The same holds true with the arms. They can be either cuffed with elastic at the wrists or uncuffed. Some also have button closures at the wrists, as well. However, most onesies do have elastic.

Before buying pajamas, decide who will be wearing them, so you can buy accordingly. If an entire family receives holiday loungewear as gifts, you might only consider pajamas available in many different sizes for adults and children. 

Many people prefer onesies that can easily be removed or taken off, especially if young children are wearing them. Some Christmas onesies have zippers that pull down only to the waist, while others have front closures that go all the way down to the feet. 

If you are buying Christmas pajama onesies for infants or toddlers, be on the lookout for those that have flaps on the bottom for easy access to diapers or training pants. Some onesies for infants have envelope-like folds at the shoulders so they can be easily rolled off little bodies, too.

What to look for in quality Christmas onesie pajamas


Most onesies have front zipper closures. Look for garments with a flap behind that zipper closure to prevent skin from becoming caught in the zipper line! 

This type of loungewear can go through a lot of pulling, twisting and tugging during a holiday season, so it’s a good idea to look for strong stitching and reinforced zippers for the sake of durability.


The most popular Christmas pajamas are made of comfortable, soft materials such as cotton and polyester. These fabrics are lightweight, warm and very breathable. You should avoid pajamas made from wool, which can be itchy and get overly hot while sleeping at night. Microfleece is also an excellent fabric for Christmas onesie pajamas.

Flame resistant

Above all else, make sure that the pajamas up for consideration are flame resistant/flame retardant. Several states have laws mandating this requirement and while most pajamas these days are in compliance, watch out for any that are not.

How much you can expect to spend on Christmas onesie pajamas

The price range varies significantly for holiday pajamas. In general, the larger adult sizes will cost more than kid-size pajamas. The brand and specific features will also affect the price. Look to spend between $20-$50 for each onesie.

Christmas onesie pajamas FAQ

Are holiday onesie pajamas supposed to be tight?

A. In general, this type of loungewear is not designed to be tight or constrictive. A Christmas onesie should be slightly snug for the sake of being fire resistant, but they should still be very comfortable when sitting, standing and lying down.

Can Christmas onesie pajamas go in the dryer?

A. As with any article of clothing, it’s important that you read the care label on the garment. While most onesies can be laundered conventionally in a washing machine and clothes dryer, any pajamas made of certain materials should not be. The manufacturer’s label or tag should include care instructions.

What are the best Christmas onesie pajamas to buy?

Top Christmas onesie pajamas

Family matching hoodie onesies by Footed Pajamas

Family matching hoodie onesies by Footed Pajamas

What you need to know: It doesn’t get any better than these holiday pajamas!

What you’ll love: Available in a vast range of sizes, colors and prints, these Christmas onesie pajamas have attached footies, comfortable elastic cuffs at the wrists and a strong zipper closure down the front. These trendy warm PJs are for infants, women, men, young kids, older children and even dogs. Each onesie also has a hood and is machine washable. The colors won’t fade or bleed, and the fabric is soft, warm and durable polyester polar fleece.

What you should consider: Some buyers noted that the feet were uncomfortable. 

Sold by Amazon 

Top Christmas onesie pajamas for the money

AngelGGH matching Christmas loungewear

AngelGGH matching Christmas loungewear

What you need to know: These pajama onesies are available for kids, men and women in four different patterns and colors.

What you’ll love: These holiday onesies are made of a high-quality polyester and cotton blend. They also feature extra-strong stitching and colors that won’t run during washing. These pajamas have elastic cuffs at the ankles and wrists and a front zipper closure. There is also a fun, functional hood on each one. Style for the whole family is not in short supply with these onesies adorned with classic holiday elements like snowmen and Santa Claus. 

What you should consider: Some buyers noted that the pattern was printed upside down.

Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Holiday ugly Christmas adult onesie pajamas by Just Love

Holiday ugly Christmas adult onesie pajamas by Just Love

What you need to know: These holiday pajama onesies are anything but ugly and are actually as cute as can be! 

What you’ll love: These adult Christmas PJs include a sherpa-lined hood for extra coziness. Stitching is double strength, and this hooded holiday onesie is available in a wide array of sizes, too. Available in two different prints, wearers will be warm as they don patterns of presents, snowmen, gingerbread men and other Christmas characters. 

What you should consider: Some buyers noted that the seams broke after washing.

Sold by Amazon


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