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Pajamas made from bamboo are 40% more absorbent than cotton, so they don’t fade or shrink.

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Which Christmas maternity pajamas are best?

Christmas is the season for colorful pajamas. For new parents and parents-to-be, it’s also the time to buy Christmas maternity pajamas. Cute maternity Christmas pajamas are perfect for spending time with your household during the holidays, and they’re great for seasonal photo shoots. 

One high-quality option is the Ekouaer Striped Maternity Christmas Pajamas Set. It has an eye-catching design with a white and red reindeer theme. It is also built with a base layer to keep you warm and cozy.

What to know before you buy Christmas maternity pajamas


Maternity Christmas pajamas usually have two pieces: a top and a bottom. Sometimes they are matching pieces and in other sets, the top has a different design from the bottom. All Christmas maternity pajamas have patterns and themes reminiscent of the season. These include reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees and decorations. Some maternity Christmas pajamas come in one solid color that reflects the spirit of Christmas.

  • The tops come in a variety of styles. They can either be loose T-shirts, button-down shirts or tank tops. The necklines and sleeve lengths vary as well. 
  • The bottoms are usually full-length pants, but some sets have bottoms in the style of shorts, boxers or capri-length pants. However, most parents choose full-length pants for the extra warmth, comfort and support. 


Christmas maternity pajamas are designed with comfort in mind, delivered through the use of a wide range of materials. The most common materials used are cotton, satin, polyester, silk and spandex. 

  • Cotton is a top choice because it is a soft fabric. It is also breathable, which means it lets air circulate freely and keeps you cool. Cotton pajamas are especially comfortable for getting through the hot flashes and night sweats that can come with being pregnant. Cotton is made from natural fibers, so it is less likely to irritate your skin, and it’s durable — but it tends to shrink if washed and dried in a machine. 
  • Silk and satin feel luxurious on your skin, and they’re versatile — you can entertain in them as well as sleeping in them. They are similar in texture, but satin, a synthetic, is more affordable than silk, which is natural. Both fabrics are delicate, so it’s best to hand-wash them to avoid damage. 
  • Polyester is durable and easy to clean. It’s also soft and breathable like cotton. Polyester is moisture-wicking, which means it keeps your skin dry by drawing sweat away from it. Polyester is usually blended with stretchy fabrics like spandex to make more comfortable pajamas. 

What to look for in quality Christmas maternity pajamas

Size and fit

Maternity Christmas pajamas are sized the same way as regular clothes. However, you can expect your size to change when you’re pregnant. And most retailers use a maternity size chart to create their clothes, so it’s important to check the chart before buying. Try different stores and designs to find what works for you.


Christmas maternity pajamas should be versatile. They should have an adjustable waistband to accommodate your growing belly. It’s ideal for the tops to have easy nursing access if you plan to breastfeed. You should be able to wear your pajamas to sleep and to sit with your household, or during a hospital stay, if necessary.

Ease of cleaning

Your pajamas should be easy to clean. It might be best to choose a fabric that is machine-washable, and materials that will not shrink in the dryer are a must-have. The idea is to keep things as simple as possible so you can enjoy the season. 

How much you can expect to spend on Christmas maternity pajamas

Christmas maternity pajamas can cost between $25 and $100. This depends on the fabric and the manufacturer, among other things.

Christmas maternity pajamas FAQ

What length is best for Christmas maternity pajama bottoms?

A. Most people prefer full-length pants because they are loose and tend to be more comfortable than other options. However, the choice should be based on the weather, fabric and your preference.

How can I make my maternity Christmas pajamas last longer?

A. The key is to follow the care instructions and avoid staining them as much as possible. It’s also a good idea to have more than one set. 

What are the best Christmas maternity pajamas to buy?

Top Christmas maternity pajamas

Ekouaer Striped Maternity Christmas Pajamas Set

Ekouaer Striped Maternity Christmas Pajamas Set

What you need to know: It’s a thermal set with a beautiful reindeer-themed design.

What you’ll love: It has an elastic waistband and button extenders to accommodate your baby bump in different stages. The thermal base layer will keep you warm on even the coldest nights. The top has a built-in nursing panel that makes breastfeeding easy.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said the pants run large and the material is more lightweight than expected.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top Christmas maternity pajamas for the money

Lauren Conrad Jammies For Your Families Warmest Wishes Pajama Set

Lauren Conrad Jammies For Your Families Warmest Wishes Pajama Set

What you need to know:  It’s a two-piece cotton set with a green Christmas tree design. 

What you’ll love: It has a hidden elastic waistband and two pockets. It’s soft, comfortable and machine-washable. It would make a great Christmas gift for a new parent or parent-to-be. 

What you should consider: The banded hems are tight and might be uncomfortable for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s 

Worth checking out

Kindred Bravely Bella Ribbed Maternity Pajama Loungewear Set

Kindred Bravely Bella Ribbed Maternity Pajama Loungewear Set

What you need to know: An easy-to-clean set made from soft, stretchy fabrics.

What you’ll love: The combination of viscose and spandex makes this set extra-flexible and adjustable. It has an expandable waist panel that stretches for comfort and ease of movement. 

What you should consider: This set is specifically designed for the third trimester of pregnancy, so it might be too baggy for earlier stages. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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