Best universal remote for Vizio TVs


Universal remotes allow for convenient switching between channels, streaming services, gaming consoles and more without the need for swapping between a bunch of separate remotes.

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Which universal remote for Vizio TVs are best?

If your TV remote gets damaged or lost, it can be an obnoxious inconvenience. Universal remotes or any replacement remote for a TV could solve the problem quickly. Universal remotes are also a great way to connect all of your devices — TV, DVD player, speakers, cable box, streaming device, etc. — and operate them from one remote.

If you want the best VIZIO remote for taking control of your home entertainment system, the Vizio Universal Remote Control is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a universal remote for Vizio TVs

Did your old remote break?

If you had a universal TV remote before, an important question is what devices do you own? If you just need a remote that works with any TV, that makes it easier to find a compatible remote. If you have other electronic entertainment system devices that you want to use the same remote to control, it may be harder to find.

Do you have a smartphone?

If you have a mobile device with an infrared port, you could download the Vizio TV remote control application and use your phone to control the TV. Even if you plan to find a universal remote for Vizio TVs, the phone app does not have to be a permanent solution. While you wait to find the universal remote in a store or wait on a copy to arrive in the mail, you could use the remote control app to control the TV until then.

Looking for truly universal remotes? 

The best remote for a Vizio TV is not always going to be a universal remote. The adaptability of a universal control is useful, but the best controller for your TV is probably whatever kind of remote control came packaged with that television. If you lose or damage the original remote for any reason, the company can usually ship you a replacement copy to use instead of your old one. You may not need to worry about finding a compatible universal remote that would also work with many other devices.

What to look for in a quality universal remote for Vizio TVs


Not all remotes have the same control layout or even the same buttons. The best options for universal remotes will include dedicated buttons for your favorite streaming services and applications so that you will not be spending time navigating a menu to reach the applications you most frequently access on a Vizio TV. Some game consoles and other devices can also be accessed via a universal remote.


High-end universal remotes allow for Wi-Fi connections to your devices, including any smart home appliances that can also connect to Wi-Fi. That level of connectivity is useful for pairing a universal remote to many devices, but if you just need a remote to work with a Vizio product, fancy connectivity is unimportant. As long as it can send a reliable infrared signal, it should be able to control the TV.


Newer remotes are generally unable to program or connect with older devices. If you have a newer Vizio TV, it is likely that just about any new universal remote could connect with your devices and operate correctly. If you get an older remote or have an older TV screen, it increases the chances that the remote will not work perfectly for controlling your television.

How much you can expect to spend on a universal remote for Vizio TVs

You can find great universal remotes for under $25. If you want particularly fancy remotes with features like voice control capabilities, you will be looking at a higher price point.

Universal remote for Vizio TVs FAQ

Can a universal remote control any device?

A. Not exactly. The “universal” term is used to describe a remote control designed with the intention that it will be adaptable and have the capability to connect to most devices. Some older technology will just never be able to connect to a brand new remote. Some devices are also made with high levels of security so that no device other than the remote originally intended for that TV will be able to function. Though when it comes to Vizio TVs, that is unlikely to be an issue.

Why is my universal remote not working with my Vizio TV?

A. While it is possible that a remote is broken or that batteries need to be changed, one potential reason is the connection method. The way that most Vizio TV-compatible remotes send a signal is through infrared. If anything is blocking your TV or remote control’s infrared signals, you can have trouble. Check that there is nothing in the way of the IR sensor and clean it if needed. For Vizio TVs, it is usually located in the lower left or lower right corners of the screen.

What’s the best universal remote to buy for Vizio TVs?

Top universal remote for Vizio TVs

Vizio Universal Remote Control

Vizio Universal Remote Control

What you need to know: This affordable Vizio universal remote works with practically any Vizio product and features the same main controls as the remotes that come with the TV.

What you’ll love: It takes two AAA batteries to power the remote. The remote features dedicated buttons to access Netflix and Amazon apps. It comes with a 30-day warranty in case the remote does not function correctly or sustains damage.

What you should consider: Some customers have reported receiving fake dummy remotes that do not function at all. The colors can be a little different than the original remotes that come with a Vizio TV.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top universal remote for Vizio TVs for the money

Vizio Original Remote

Vizio Original Remote

What you need to know: This affordable remote is a solid replacement for any lost or broken Vizio TV remotes.

What you’ll love: It works with most Vizio TV models and connects wirelessly to the TV. The remote is powered by two AAA batteries. It has dedicated buttons for Amazon and Netflix.

What you should consider: Some users have received remotes that do not work or are not durable enough to keep functioning for very long.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

XRT136 Watchfree Remote Control

XRT136 Watchfree Remote Control

What you need to know: This affordable Vizio Smart TV remote serves as a good replacement option.

What you’ll love: It features dedicated buttons for multiple streaming services and platforms. It is designed to work with Vizio smart TVs right out of the box. It requires one alkaline battery to work.

What you should consider: The user manual is not included and some customers have found that it did not keep working.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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