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According to scientist Bernhard Riemann, straws have only one hole since they can be only be cut once from end to end. For a torus, the cut must begin at the same point and will have two holes.

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Which glass straw is best?

Doing your bit to save the environment doesn’t have to be hard. You can make a big difference by changing the way you do the smaller things in your routine each day. Reusable glass straws are an easy way to start small while making a significant impact. 

Unlike plastic straws, glass straws are safe for hot drinks and can be used multiple times. Glass straws are also natural insulators, making them a good choice for those with sensitive teeth. 

If you want to take your kitchen down the sustainable route, glass straws are a great place to start. The stylish and easy to clean Symple Stuff Straws are a terrific choice. 

What to know before you buy a glass straw

Cleaning process

The only category in which regular plastic straws might win is the cleaning process. Because you aren’t just throwing the glass straw away, it will need to be cleaned after every use. The cleaning process is as simple as popping the straw in the dishwasher, but you might have the odd occasion when you need to use a straw brush to clear out any bits of dried smoothie or leftover drink. 


The width of your glass straws will depend entirely on what you plan on using them for. Will you be drinking thick milkshakes and bubble tea with your straw or will you use it for juice or iced coffees? A regular-sized straw is 9–9.5 mm in diameter and a milkshake straw is about 12mm. Keep this in mind when choosing your straw set. 


Reusable glass straws don’t only come in different widths, but they are also available in different lengths. The standard straw you’ll receive when dining out is around 210 mm. This is a good length to purchase when buying your first set as it will fit most glasses and cups. If you have slightly longer or shorter glasses, you can look into purchasing a different length of the straw.   

Straight or bent 

Some people prefer their straws bent; others prefer straight. This will depend on your preference, but keep in mind that a bent straw is much harder to clean. 

Teeth sensitivity 

A glass straw won’t break if you bite down on it, but it can be bad for your teeth if you are a regular straw biter. Some choose bamboo, metal or silicone straws for this reason, but if you don’t have a straw-biting habit, you’ll be fine with glass. 

What to look for in a quality glass straw


If you want to use this product in your everyday life, you’ll need to carry it with you when attending various events or dinners so that you can say no to the plastic straws offered to you. Since glass straws can be fragile, look for a straw set that comes with a case. 


Glass straws can be a fun way to add some color to your kitchen. They will also be easier to spot in a busy kitchen draw or on the counter. A higher-quality glass straw will be made out of colored glass, while the lower-end versions consist of color film over a plain glass straw. 

How much you can expect to spend on glass straws

You can find glass straws for a great price if you’re on a budget with sets of 12 coming in at around $8–$12. For midrange straws, you’ll start to notice more choices in colors and shapes. These straws could be $15–$30 for a pack of six. Higher end glass straws are usually $30 upward and will have fewer in the pack. While all straw sets should include a cleaning brush, not all come with a case. 

Glass straw FAQ

Will the glass straw break if you bite it? 

A. No, these straws won’t break if you bite down on them, but they can be damaged if dropped or stepped on, as you’d expect from any glass product.

Why choose glass instead of metal, bamboo or silicone? 

A.  Glass straws give a very clean look but are also natural insulators, so they are great for sensitive teeth. They can hold hot and cold drinks very well and are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, unlike some bamboo versions.  

What’s the best glass straw to buy?

Top glass straw

Curved Straws by Symple Stuff

Curved Straws by Symple Stuff

What you need to know: Symple Stuff offers a set of six colorful straws. 

What you’ll love: The straws are made from thick, unbreakable borosilicate glass that is tasteless and BPA-free. The straws are dishwasher friendly and come with two cleaning brushes. The straws are 10mm in diameter with a bent end. 

What you should consider: The bent design makes them harder to clean. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top glass for the money

Kikkerland Colorful Reusable Glass Straws

Kikkerland Colorful Reusable Glass Straws

What you need to know: This straw set comes with both curved and straight straws in fun colors. 

What you’ll love: The set includes three straight straws and three bent straws. In the pack of straws, buyers will also receive a cotton cleaning brush. The straws are 203mm in length and are available in the standard width.  

What you should consider: Only a limited choice of colors is available. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s 

Worth checking out

Ylonghy Reusable Travel Straws

Ylonghy Reusable Travel Straws

What you need to know: This set of three straws comes with a durable travel case for protection. 

What you’ll love: Buyers will receive straws in three three different colors with a cleaning brush. The case can hold all three straws at once. All straws are 215mm in length. 

What you should consider: The casing is much longer than the straws. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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