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Floral patterns have been popular for centuries, perhaps even millennia. The oldest known examples originated in Asia and were hand-printed on silk.

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Which floral dresses are best?

While florals are often worn in the spring, they can actually be donned year-round, adding a fresh feel to any outfit. Floral dresses may be associated with springtime, but the truth is that there are floral patterns perfect for every season. There’s hardly a wrong occasion to wear a nice floral dress, and there are many options to choose from. They can be either casual or formal, depending on the cut and style. The top choice for floral dress is the Calvin Klein Sleeveless Seamed Sheath Dress.

What to know before you buy a floral dress


When it comes to dressing for the season, the weather generally dictates a lot of your wardrobe choices. However, there are other factors that play a role as well. If you’re looking at what kinds of floral dresses you can wear outside of spring, look for options that come in colors more commonly associated with fall and winter. If you’re unsure of what those may be, think of colors that typically match with the seasonal landscape. Fall foliage is full of beautiful earthy tones, while winter tends to be more muted or feature deep jewel tones.


Floral dresses made from material like chiffon can to be more challenging to care for than other options. This can be a great option for a dress you’re not going to be wearing every day. However, if you’re looking for something casual you can throw on for a neighborhood stroll or to meet up with a friend for drinks, consider getting something that is durable and machine washable. 


There are so many different floral patterns to choose from. If you wanted to, you could probably look only for patterns featuring your favorite flowers and find several options. However, if you don’t want to be that particular, you can instead consider other aspects of the patterns available. Do you like large florals or smaller, more intricate prints? Are bold florals preferable to florals that blend into the background?

What to look for in a quality floral dress


Dresses are a great wardrobe staple because they come in a variety of fits. Consider how you want your dress to fit, whether that’s close-fitting, like a sheath style, or looser and more relaxed. When trying on a dress, make sure you can move comfortably and sit down easily. Even more fitted styles should allow you enough room to be comfortable. 


Floral dresses can come in any length. Some people like the fun swish of a dress around the mid-calf, while others prefer something shorter that shows off their legs. Have an idea what kind of length you’d like to look for. Make sure you feel comfortable and are happy with how you look in your new dress no matter what length it is.


Some people associate florals with more formal clothes, but the truth is that they work well for any occasion. You’ll most likely want a looser, softer dress for casual everyday wear. If you’re looking for something for a more special occasion, a floral dress in a light, floaty chiffon or one that is fitted close to your figure will work best.

How much you can expect to spend on a floral dress

A floral dress will cost anywhere from $20-$140, depending on the brand and the quality.

Floral dress FAQ

Can I mix florals with other patterns?

A. Yes, you definitely can. There are lots of ways to do this, but a good rule of thumb is to pick patterns that are either completely opposite or very similar. An example of the former would be black and white stripes with brightly colored florals. An example of the latter would be florals of similar sizes and colors mixed together. Consider wearing accessories that are all the same, solid color to tie everything together.

How do I incorporate a floral dress into a wardrobe focused on solid colors?

A. Think of the floral dress as a statement piece and style around it accordingly. Create different combinations of accessories with your dress, and take pictures to compare and see what you like and why. 

Are florals old-fashioned?

A. Fashion is so cyclical that you can really wear whatever you want and not worry whether it’s out of style or in style. This is especially true if you want to get creative. You can update just about anything through accessories and different styling.

What are the best floral dresses to buy?

Top floral dress

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Seamed Sheath Dress

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Seamed Sheath Dress

What you need to know: This figure-hugging sheath dress is chic and flattering.

What you’ll love: You’ll find this dress easy to wear in all seasons, thanks to its timeless fit and variety of floral options. It can be a nice dress to wear to the office or out to a nice dinner date depending on how you style it.

What you should consider: It’s dry clean only and goes up to size 16.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top floral dress for the money

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Chiffon Midi Dress

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Chiffon Midi Dress

What you need to know: Featuring a flowy midi skirt and high neck, this dress will make you feel pretty and fresh as a daisy.

What you’ll love: If you want a dress to show off your shoulders, this one could be perfect for you. It’s perfect for occasions like weddings, graduations or office parties. It comes in a large variety of colors, so you can find the right floral pattern for you.

What you should consider: It’s dry clean only and goes up to size 16.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

AUSELILY Women’s Long Sleeve Pleated Loose Swing Casual Dress

AUSELILY Women’s Long Sleeve Pleated Loose Swing Casual Dress

What you need to know: This loose-fitting dress is cute, casual and comfortable.

What you’ll love: Auselily’s casual dress has many different floral options to choose from. It even has pockets! If you want something pretty and affordable, this could be the perfect dress for you.

What you should consider: It goes up to size 3XL and doesn’t have much shape on its own.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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