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Which dopp kit is best?

The name “dopp” was taken from the first part of the last name of the leather craftsman who invented it in 1919. The Army issued an authentic dopp kit to each of its troops in World War I and the name took hold. These days, you hear the terms “travel case,” “toiletry kit” and “ditty bag” used interchangeably, but they all mean the same thing—a dopp kit.

Dopp kits are portable cases for personal hygiene supplies used by those who travel away from home. If you are looking for a toiletry travel kit that has a waterproof compartment and comes in your choice of 30 different colors, take a look at the Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit.

What to know before you buy a dopp kit

Whether you call it a shaving kit, a toiletry bag or a dopp kit, this small, handheld travel case is designed to be used away from home. Your dopp kit is made to be packed inside your luggage, not to be carried separately.


Dopp kits are made to carry shaving necessities including razors, blades and shaving creams or gels. Other essentials are a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, medicines and vitamins. Beyond that, you might carry a comb, brush or nail trimmer.


When you have separate inner compartments, you can keep your razor and shaving cream/gel in one compartment, your toothbrush and toothpaste in another, and shampoos, conditioners and lotions in a third.

What to look for in a quality dopp kit


Leather dopp kits are the most expensive. Leather is long lasting, durable and attractive. Nylon dopp kits are the least expensive. They are the least durable of choices. Polyester is the most common material used in making dopp kits. It is durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Canvas dopp kits are sturdy, durable and have an outdoorsy look and feel.


Because a dopp kit is made to carry liquids, it needs to be waterproof. If a bottle of liquid leaks, you want the spill contained in a waterproof area sealed off from the rest of the travel case. Dopp kits usually are packed inside other luggage, so tightly seal creams, liquids and gels so they do not leak onto your clothing and the other items in your suitcase. Look for sturdy linings that won’t tear when poked with things such as scissors and nail clippers. Check that the zippers are waterproof, too.


At its simplest, a dopp kit has a single waterproof compartment. Beyond that, the more separate compartments you have, the better you can keep your hygiene and toiletry articles separate. When your dopp kit is well-organized, everything in it is easy to find and account for. Look for a dopp kit that has three or more individual waterproof, zippered pockets and/or compartments.

How much you can expect to spend on a dopp kit

Simple small kits made of nylon cost as little as $10. You will find many dopp kits made of synthetics and natural fabrics for $20-$30. Leather dopp kits start at around $30 and go as high as $200.

Dopp kit FAQ

How do you clean a dopp kit?

A. Clean the outside according to the type of fabric you have. Clean the inside using warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Turn the dopp kit inside-out and let it air-dry to keep it fresh inside.

Is it important to have a handle for such a small bag?

A. It makes it easier to carry between the suitcase and bathroom and allows you to hang it on a hook or knob to save space on your bathroom counter.

What’s the best dopp kit to buy?

Top dopp kit

Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit

Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit

What you need to know: This handy toiletry travel kit is perfect for organizing your personal care essentials.

What you’ll love: The main compartment is waterproof so you never have to worry about spills ruining the other items in your luggage. The zipper is sturdy, operates smoothly with no snags and has a handy fabric pull tab. This kit comes in your choice of two sizes and 30 colors.

What you should consider: This is a rather pricey shaving kit for polyester.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dopp kit for the money

WANDF Small Toiletry Bag

WANDF Small Toiletry Bag

What you need to know: This shaving essentials storage case is only 10 inches long and weighs less than 4 ounces.

What you’ll love: The side handle makes for easy carrying and hanging. The ultra-light nylon fabric is water resistant and durable. The two pockets in the outer compartment are made of breathable mesh as are the three pockets in the inner compartment. The stitching is solid and the zipper is made of a zinc alloy.

What you should consider: This is a good overnight dopp kit but may be too small for longer trips.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Vintage Canvas and Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

Vintage Canvas and Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

What you need to know: High-density washed canvas with a genuine leather handle makes this vintage-looking travel accessory snazzy.

What you’ll love: The leather handle is nicely matched by a leather base, zipper pulls and side accent. The stitching is tight and nicely finished with attention to detail. This travel case works well as a wash bag, toiletry bag and cosmetics bag.

What you should consider: The canvas will stain if not properly cared for.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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