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You can use castor oil to remove makeup. It works especially well on stubborn waterproof mascara.

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Which castor oils are best?

If you only associate castor oil with something that kept grandpa “regular,” you’re missing out on a plethora of other uses this plant oil promises. Pressed from the beans of the castor plant, this clear yellow oil has been used for centuries for a host of reasons, both health- and beauty-related. Like superfood coconut and olive oils, castor oil is high in healthy fats but gets little attention.

That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to help you understand more about the uses of castor oil. Below you’ll also find our top castor oil recommendations. We chose our favorite from Sky Organics because of its purity: it’s cold-pressed, organic, and hexane-free.

What to know before you buy castor oils

Uses for castor oil


Castor oil is used for health purposes mainly because of its high concentration of ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and stimulating properties.

  • Constipation: Ingest a small amount (one tablespoon) as a constipation remedy.
  • Skin protection: When applied topically to minor cuts and scrapes, castor oil can protect the skin by preventing infection.
  • Joint and muscle relief: Castor oil can provide joint and muscle relief when massaged topically into the skin.
  • Ringworm treatment: Castor oil can topically treat this fungal infection of the skin.
  • Detox treatment: It’s often used in packs placed on the abdomen. This folk remedy can also relieve menstrual cramps.


The rich, fatty acids in castor oil also have beauty benefits.

  • Hair: Glossier, shinier hair can be achieved by adding a few drops of castor oil to your mane. Also, rubbing a few drops into your scalp half an hour before shampooing your hair can provide dandruff relief.
  • Acne treatment: This low-comedogenic oil can heal your blemishes when applied directly to your pimples. However, it may clog the pores of those with oily skin.
  • Sunburn relief: Castor oil can act as sunburn relief when mixed in equal parts with coconut oil and applied to reddened, inflamed skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil will provide quick relief.
  • Moisturizer: Applying castor oil to the skin at night will deliver deep hydration while you sleep.
  • Eyelash and eyebrow thickener: Many swear by castor oil to thicken eyelash and eyebrow growth when applied directly to thinning hairs.

What to look for in quality castor oils


Cold-pressed castor oils are extracted without using any heat. This is more beneficial because none of the fats or nutrients are broken down by heat.


Organic castor oils are free from chemical or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Always opt for organic if you’re concerned about exposure to these potentially harmful substances.

Jamaican black castor oil

Jamaican black castor oil is processed with heat, and the oil is darker and has a stronger odor than cold-pressed castor oil. Some people think this type of castor oil offers better health and beauty results, though there is no proof of this.


Hexane-free castor oils do not use the solvent hexane during the extraction process (all cold-pressed castor oils are hexane-free). Expeller-pressed oils may use this solvent, which is a chemical.

Other important details

A bottle of castor oil shouldn’t break the bank. A typical 16-ounce bottle costs between $10 and $20. Larger bottles are generally cost-effective, and organic oils are pricier.

Be sure to select opaque or brown bottles so the oil doesn’t degrade with light exposure. Store castor oil in a cool, dark, dry cabinet.

Castor oils FAQ

Is it safe to ingest castor oil?

A. Although castor oil has a time-tested reputation for safe consumption, you certainly don’t want to overdo it. Ingesting too much can lead to diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain. If you’re pregnant, internal use of castor oil must be strictly avoided because it can induce labor.

Does castor oil taste like anything?

A. For some consumers, the taste is overwhelming, but for others the thick, goopy oil is tasteless. For those who find the taste unpleasant, you can follow the spoonful with a strongly flavored juice like orange juice.

What are the best castor oils to buy?

Top castor oil

Sky Organics Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Sky Organics Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Our take: An ultra-pure, top-quality castor oil that delivers noticeable results.

What we like: Certified USDA organic. Cold-pressed. Hexane- and additive-free. Delivers beautifying results like thicker hair and softer skin.

What we dislike: Odor is unpleasant for some users.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top castor oil for the money

NOW Solutions Expeller-Pressed Castor Oil

NOW Solutions Expeller-Pressed Castor Oil

Our take: A large bottle of castor oil at a low price.

What we like: Affordable. Hexane-free. Reputable company. Improves scalp and dandruff problems.

What we dislike: Though claims to be odorless, some consumers dislike the scent.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

iQ Natural Organic Castor Oil and Treatment Applicator Kit

iQ Natural Organic Castor Oil and Treatment Applicator Kit

Our take: A quality choice if you’re looking to thicken lashes and brows.

What we like: Comes with a dropper, brush, and spoolie for eyelash and eyebrow application. Organic and cold-pressed.

What we dislike: This small, one-ounce bottle is pricey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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