CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson addressed the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce at their annual membership meeting Tuesday, receiving warm welcomes and open arms along the way.

“Your success is our success,” said Jack Levin, President and CEO of the chamber.

Johnson stood alongside Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison, who discussed his party’s nominating convention coming to Chicago next summer.

To curb City violence, Mayor Johnson is calling for a major youth employment program with both the city and business community hiring more teens

“We have to love our young people enough to actually invest in them,” Johnson said. “And that’s what my administration will do and we’re going to do it together with the business community.”

Not a topic of discussion during the meeting were various new taxes Johnson proposed on the campaign trail, or the fact that scores of business leaders — including Lavin — backed Paul Vallas during the runoff election for mayor.

Lavin, who’s getting to know Johnson, said he’s encouraged by what he’s seen so far.

“If we employ our youth, that’s a talent pipeline that the businesses get,” Lavin said. “If our youth are employed, there’s research that shows that will improve public safety.”

Gilbert Villegas, 36th Ward Alderman and chairman of the City’s Council, Economic, Capital and Technology Development Committee, admits many in the business community were suspicious of Johnson, but they want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Everyone’s optimistic,” Villegas said. “What you’re seeing right now is a honeymoon with the mayor but ultimately, we’ll see once the budget process begins.”