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CHICAGO — On a wet, blustery, overcast afternoon Wednesday along the Calumet River on the City’s Southeast Side, United States Vice President Kamala Harris led a celebration at Crowley’s Yacht Yard.

Chicago is set to get $144 million in grant funds under the bipartisan infrastructure law to help rehabilitate four bridges crossing the Calumet River. Harris lauded the financial package the law will provide.

“The largest investment in our roads and bridges in 70 years of America’s history,” Harris said. “For decades there’s been an underinvestment in our infrastructure, which caused Americans to feel the consequences in ways big or small.”

Senator Dick Durbin and Mayor Lori Lightfoot were also present at the event, and highlighted the need for infrastructure in Illinois to be addressed, especially when it comes to bridges across the state.

“These bridges and 2,000 more like them across the state of Illinois need help and need it now,” Durbin said.

According to Lightfoot, the heavy workload of Chicago bridges further necessitates financial investment from the U.S. government.

“These bridges are busy lifting over 5,000 times a year and handling 40,000 vehicles crossing a day,” Lightfoot said. “They are important parts of Chicago’s history and must be modernized to make sure they can meet the demands of today.”

The vice president last visited the city to campaign for Illinois Democrats before the 2020 midterm elections.