Democratic incumbent Governor JB Pritzker and Republican challenger Darren Bailey took to the suburbs Monday as the final full week of campaigning for both candidates began.

In Arlington Heights and Des Plaines, Pritzker — the self-funded billionaire — began the week by stumping for other Democrats down the ballot.

Trailing in polls, Bailey set his sights on independent voters, enlisting the help of former Democrat-turned-independent congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at a rally in Glen Ellyn.

“I have never been more concerned about the future of this country than I am now,” Gabbard said. “That’s why I’m here … We’re fighting for this country — not just for half the country, we’re not just fighting for half of Illinois — If we are who we claim to be, that means we love all our fellow Americans.”

Pritzker slammed Gabbard at his campaign stop in Arlington Heights earlier in the day.

“She’s a pro-Russian conspiracy theorist,” Pritzker said. “She’s somebody who since used to be a genuine Democrat, clearly has bought into some of the Facebook fakery and online lies we’re seeing.”

Midterm elections take place next Tuesday, Nov. 8.