CHICAGO — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a new set of policy changes to make it easier for formerly incarcerated residents to get hired by the City of Chicago.

Through the new background check policy, Lightfoot is encouraging people who are getting back on their feet after serving time to consider the city’ job opportunities.

Under the new policy, the city can’t dismiss a candidate from the hiring process for a number of red flags that might come from a background check.

Some of those include any conviction for decriminalized content, including conduct associated with marijuana consumption or possession.

Potential employees also can’t be dismissed from employment consideration for arrests that didn’t lead to convictions and convictions from the juvenile justice system.

Lightfoot said all city job postings will include language stating having a prior arrest or conviction doesn’t make job candidates ineligible for city roles.

She’s also encouraging the private sector to consider hiring formerly incarcerated people who are eligible for job openings.

“Bring these folks home,” Lightfoot said. “Give them an opportunity at a good paying job with benefits. This is how we keep people off the street. We stop the pipeline to illegal economy and we build our city to be fair and more equitable than ever before.”

The new policy doesn’t impact the city’s fire and police departments.