CHICAGO — Mayor Lori Lightfoot is touting a new agreement her administration reached with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), but several members of City Council are questioning the timing of the deal.

“We are doing what’s never been done before in the history of our city — providing environmental economic benefits through franchise agreement,” Lightfoot said.

The city’s last deal with ComEd ran from 1992 to 2020. The new two-part agreement would be 15 years in length with an option for a 5-year extension, retain ComEd as the primary power supply of Chicago homes, and also helping fund a climate action plan (CAP).

ComEd would contribute at least $120 million to the CAP, with another $520 million coming from state and federal grants. The CAP would fund solar panels for low-income households and provide more than 1,000 jobs for South and West Side Residents.

City Council members, however, think the timing of the deal may be politically motivated and want to pump the breaks on pushing it through.

“This is a political stunt and we’re not going to go for it,” said 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale. “This ordinance has been in the works for over 3 years and now it’s a rush to get it done right before the election. So, I believe we need to take a step back and let the next administration, whoever that is, to really be the one to drive this agreement.”

Matt Martin (47th Ward), Andre Vasquez (40th Ward) and Daniel La Spata (1st Ward) are also among those opposed on City Council.

ComEd has faced scrutiny in the past following a federal criminal investigation into a years-long bribery scheme tied to former house speaker Mike Madigan. Details of the allegations are expected to come to light in his corruption trial next year.

“I’m sure there are things going to be learned in the trial, but they’re irrelevant if this deal has merit and is beneficial to our residents,” Lightfoot said. “I’m a strong proponent of it. This is, dare I say, a win-win for our residents.”

The contract involving the ComEd deal will proceed next to the City Council’s Committee on Finance and the Environment.

Lightfoot was hoping for a return to City Council next week, but city alderpeople voted that down in favor of scheduling their next meeting to take place in March, which will be the next opportunity for City Council to consider passing the deal with ComEd.