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Illinois Democrats have released a second, revised proposal to redraw the state’s congressional congressional district, after a first draft left members of their own party with more complaints, than praise.

Capitol Bureau Chief Mark Maxwell joins WGN-TV Political Report to discuss.

The new proposal is likely to upset at least a couple of incumbent Democrats, with Rep. Sean Casten and Rep. Marie Newman paired together in the newly drawn 6th congressional district.

As he mulls over a potential run against Governor J.B. Pritzker, Rep. Rodney Davis was mostly left alone in this draft. But as expected, two other sets of Republican congressmen are being pitted against each other.

The proposed boundaries for the 16th congressional district could mean a match up between Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who has gained notoriety nationwide for speaking out against former President Donald Trump, and Rep. Darin Lahood.

Further downstate, Republican Rep. Mike Bost and Rep. Mary Miller, both staunch supporters of former President Trump, were both drawn into the new 12th congressional district.

There’s no indication these boundaries will be the final version presented to state lawmakers when they head back to the Capitol this week. Hearings on the proposal will begin in Springfield on Tuesday.