CHICAGO — With Chicago’s skyline glistening in the background, local Democrats took a victory lap Wednesday after landing the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

The campaign to win the convention for Chicago began in late 2021, with Governor JB Pritzker, Senator Tammy Duckworth, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot leading the charge. They promised the selection committee and President Joe Biden — who is expected to be nominated for a second term during festivities — two things: a spectacular showcase and Chicago standing as a shining example of progressive politics.

“We’re an example of what it looks like when you work to solve the real challenges that working families face every single day,” Duckworth said.

Outgoing mayor Lori Lightfoot hopes the convention changes the perception some have about Chicago.

“We have too many things out there in the mouths of pundits and critics who talk about our city in a way that’s unrecognizable to us who live here,” Lightfoot said. “This will help us right that wrong and tell the truth about the best city in the United States, bar none.”

While Democrats paint a shiny picture of the city in the immediate aftermath of securing the 2024 DNC, the city is now on the clock.

At the United Center — where most convention activities will take place — prep is already underway, with state officials expecting a major financial boost from the event.

“This convention is likely going to produce anywhere from $125-150 million in revenue in a four-day period of time,” said Illinois House Speaker Emanuel Chris Welch. “That revenue will be shared all across the state.”