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The Presidential election is just over four months away, and with no signs of the pandemic slowing down, November 3rd is set to be an election day unlike any other.

The risk of spreading COVID-19 at the polls has led to a massive expansion of voting from home, by mail, across the country. President Trump has long cast doubt on the validity of that process, despite much evidence to back his claims and using absentee ballots himself. In a tweet this week, President Trump again claimed mail in voting would lead to a “corrupt” election.

And in Illinois, the Democrat-led legislature easily passed a one-time expansion of the state’s vote by mail program for this fall.

Suzanne Chod and Bill Muck, Professors at North Central College, join WGN-TV Political Report to decipher fact versus fiction, 100 days from the Election.

You can watch their full webinar on the topic here.