After weeks of teases, Six Flags Great America has announced its first new major thrill attraction in five years. 

Sky Striker is a 172-foot pendulum ride that has riders sitting in a circle on a spinning disc. The ride will swing back and forth while reaching speeds up to 75mph. While it won’t go completely over the top, it will get close enough to make riders feel as if they are upside down, with plenty of moments of weightlessness. 

As hinted at in the Great America teaser campaign, Sky Striker will take the place of the former Dare Devil Dive attraction, which is located in the County Fair section near the back of the park. County Fair has another pendulum swing ride called Revolution that is much smaller. Great America could not confirm if Revolution will be removed from the park, be relocated elsewhere or stay where it is. 

The new Sky Striker is a Giga Discovery ride made by the manufacturer Zamperla. A few other Six Flags parks have versions of this ride, including Crazanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, and Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. 

Sky Striker is scheduled to debut at Six Flags Great America in Spring of 2024. You can see my video report on the new ride in the player above. 

Now that we know what’s happening for 2024, it’s time to turn our attention to that empty piece of land where the now-closed Buccaneer Battle attraction is sitting. Is it too early to speculate about what could be happening there someday? Maybe in 2025? Stay tuned!

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