When you think about Fun Spot America, you probably think about go karts and bumper boats. Their location in Atlanta is hoping to change that.

They surprised many in the amusement park world when they announced a huge new addition, a massive roller coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction.

They named it ArieForce One after the company’s founder, John Arie, Sr. The park says Arie has always had a love of flying, exploration and innovation. ArieForce One incorporates a lot of those themes, leaning heavily into space exploration.

A few of ArieForce One’s many moments of airtime

ArieForce features an 83 degree, 146 foot first drop. There are multiple inversions including a “raven truss dive,” that’s basically a dive loop where you travel upwards, flip upside down, then head down in the other direction. What makes this different is how you flip while you are inside of the truss of the ride. It’s a really fun element with some great floater airtime.

ArieForce One’s first drop and “Raven Truss Dive”

In total, there are 16 moments of “air time” on this coaster, that’s the time you spend floating out of your seat. The most significant of those is the ride’s massive zero-g stall. Fun Spot and RMC say it’s the longest zero-g stall in America.

The longest zero-g stall in America

You can watch my full ride on ArieForce One in the player above. The coaster is perfectly paced, every element flows seamlessly into the next. Like other Rocky Mountain Construction coasters, it’s intense but smooth as can be. I love how they built the coaster right along the highway. When you are pulling up to the park, ArieForce emerges from the trees, daring you to pull off and take a ride.

You have a few options to ride it at Fun Spot. You can walk up and ride it one time for $12. But if you’re an enthusiast like me, you’ll want to ride this thing more than once. You can buy an all-day ride pass for $34.95. Fun Spot has a few locations across the country, but here’s where you can find their Atlanta location:

Fun Spot America Atlanta | 1675 Hwy 85 North, Fayetteville, GA | Operating days and hour vary, information and tickets can be found at FunSpotAmericaAtlanta.com

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