Record breaking launch coaster Maxx Force debuts at Six Flags Great America

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GURNEE, Ill. — You’ve never gotten to 78 miles per hour this fast.

Today, Six Flags Great America officially unveiled their new roller coaster to the world. Maxx Force is a launch coaster that rockets riders from 0-78 miles per hour in just 1.7 seconds. That makes it the fastest acceleration on any roller coaster in North America.

After that launch, riders travel straight up in the air before hitting a double inversion, then you come right back down and pass under the launch track. From there you travel upward into a barrel roll – you’ll be twisting upside down at 60 miles per hour. Then you hit the last inversion that takes you right back into the station.

I was able to ride Maxx Force multiple times this morning with all kinds of special guests. Here are the segments you may have missed, with more of my thoughts on the ride after.

Here is my FULL REVIEW of the new coaster! (Hint: it’s very positive)….

Maxx Force is an air launch coaster from S&S Sansei Technologies. That air launch system is the key to getting the coaster up to such a high speed in a short amount of time. It was designed by Joe Draves, who actually spoke at length about the process at last year’s IAAPA convention. Here is an interview he did about the Maxx Force process with CoasterForce (it starts at 7:31 of this clip)…

I will have SO much more on Maxx Force, everybody’s reaction at media day, and a recap of how the ride fared when it opens to the general public a few days from now on July 4th, all on the next episode of my Coastin’ the Country podcast! You can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and at the links below.

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