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Finally, we know what’s behind the fence.

After months of rumors, leaked blueprints, posters, hashtags, GPS coordinates and more – Kings Island in Mason, Ohio has officially unveiled their 2020 attraction to the world.

And it’s the giga coaster fans have been waiting for.

It’s called Orion – a steel roller coaster featuring a 300 foot drop. That makes it the tallest coaster at Kings Island. Here’s the video…

And here is what Orion looks like by the numbers…

  • 300 foot drop
  • 91 mph top speed
  • 5,321 feet long

The park already features some world class roller coasters – The Beast is still the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, Diamondback is an excellent B&M hyper coaster, and the wooden Mystic Timbers might be the most fun ride in the park. Orion will be another very large addition that puts Kings Island on the map.

If you’ve ever been on a giga coaster before – that’s a roller coaster that breaks the 300 foot barrier – you know how thrilling those drops are. This is going to be a fun ride.

I spoke with Kings Island’s Public Relations Manager Don Helbig about their new edition on the new episode of my Coastin’ the Country podcast! You can listen to it at the top of this post. We talked about everything this ride has to offer, how long it has been in the works, and what the construction timeline looks like moving forward.

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