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ORLANDO — The day is finally here.

Sea World Orlando is ready to welcome riders onto its newest attraction. Ice Breaker is a roller coaster featuring four launches — both forward and backward. Riders will rocket back and forth before they finally back up onto a 93 foot tall spike with a 100 degree angle. 

Sea World said this spike is the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida. From there, the train will hit the launch again and fire into a near vertical top hat maneuver. Then you’ll be flying through a course of twists, turns and airtime hills. 

Sea World invited the media to experience the roller coaster for the first time. I couldn’t resist a quick trip to Florida and my first ever visit to Sea World. The park features plenty of marine life and experiences, but it is also home to a handful of coasters. Highlights include the B&M hyper coaster Mako and the flying coaster Manta. 

Ice Breaker is Sea World’s first launch coaster. Marcus went on the ride LIVE on WGN Morning News for the first time.

The coaster officially opens to the public on Feb. 18. Guests will also see plenty of references to the Alaska SeaLife Center, one of Sea World’s conservation partners. 

For now, you can find more about the park on