Coastin’ The Country Ep.6: Kings Island 2020 plans leak, Iron Wolf throwback

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It’s been another week packed full of theme park news. I can’t believe I am already six episodes into the podcast already! I appreciate all of you who have tuned in and given me much needed feedback.

I’ve been asking for your messages and I’ve gotten a ton of them. I took some time to answer a few of them on today’s podcast. But we also had some news to get into.

The biggest story of the week? It has to be the news coming out of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Some enthusiasts and news outlets were able to pull the blueprints for the park’s new roller coaster coming in 2020. Right now it doesn’t have a name, it’s going by Project X, but it looks like the rumors that Kings Island was finally getting a giga coaster are true! Here are the plans, as posted by WCPO on Twitter.

They appear to show a coaster just over 300 feet tall, and it sure looks like B&M is behind this. On today’s podcast, we talk about these and rundown some of the reporting that’s been coming out of Cincinnati. Reporter John Materese with WCPO-TV has been all over this story. Here is his report:

Listen to the podcast to get my take on these plans!

In other news this week, Universal Studios in Orlando gave the media a closer look at their new roller coaster – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. They’re calling it the world’s first “story coaster.” It will be the longest coaster in Florida at over 5,000 feet. It will also feature seven launches. That’s right – SEVEN LAUNCHES. Other unique elements include a stall that will take you up at about a 70-degree angle, because you stop and fall back down backwards. There will also be a free-fall drop that sees the whole track drop straight down 17 feet.

As you can see in the video below from Theme Park Review, you have two options on the ride. You can ride on the motorbike like Hagrid, or you can take the Harry Potter role and ride in the sidecar. Each spot should give you a completely different experience!

And finally, Six Flags America debuted a “new” coaster they’re calling Firebird. The reason for the quotes on “new?” It’s a B&M floorless coaster that used to be a standup ride they called Apocalypse. And before that, it was Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America! I found an old news clip featuring WGN’s Robert Jordan riding Iron Wolf on its opening day!

Here is what the “new” Firebird ride looks like today!

Next week I am meeting with Six Flags Great America to get an update on their new launch roller coaster Maxx Force! The podcast will be taking a break for the Memorial Day holiday, but I will have a full pod on everything I learn about Maxx the week after.

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